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-NOPE+{{:img_1.png?200 |}} 
 +Welcome to Holocaust World in Minecraft. We have been running mostly continuously since 2012, with only a few gaps of service and many administrators. As you have probably guessed, this server is about /pol/, from 4chan. Put simply, we are for political roleplaying and generally having a good damn time. We have a long history, which you should definitely read. 
 +Hugh is currently running a whitelisted modded server, the pack is downloadable [[|here]] 
 +Minecraft server IP is  ****  
 +Our discord: 
 +All users are able to edit this wiki anonymously without logging in. Your IP will not be displayed. 
 +If you experience any issues with the wiki, message Hudson on Discord. Currently most pages are a work in progress. 
 +====Important Pages==== 
 +  * [[history|History]] 
 +  * [[guide|Server Guide]] 
 +  * [[factions|Factions]] 
 +  * [[players|Players]] 
 +  * [[archive|Server Archive]] 
 +To view an index of all pages, click “Sitemap” in the upper right corner of any page.
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