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Introduction bioman is a minecrafter, gamer, autist, cuck, chad, goer to bed, and larper. Known for his extreme levels of procrastination, ineptitude at faction leadership, and sub-par buildfagging. bioman3 has led many factions, most of them being horrible failures with a couple notable exceptions that were mildly successful before imploding from internal conflicts.

Aliases Throughout his time with /pol/andcraft he has become a notable lolcow, being dabbed on due to his weird name and unsavory personality. A few of his many nicknames include:

  • biomeme3
  • biocuck3
  • bioman4
  • boiman3
  • bioboy3
  • boyboy3
  • boyman3

History In late 2015 (very late miloserb), bioman3 joined the server, immediately went to Antarctica, and built a gay retarded town thing with the help of scuti. The server shut down only a week or two later so not much else of note occurred. bioman3 only became relevant in 2017 during cuccserb when he became a founding member of C.H.A.D. During this time he created his most succesful faction to date (Germania), which was notable for its horrible instability, constant infighting, and disproportionate wealth due to their habit of raiding. During this time bio was still generally respected by most, thought with the upcoming fall of USGA and bioman3's increasing apathy for the game, this respect was not long lived.

The Birth of Biocuck Some time between cptserb and the intcraft/civcraft incursions of 2018 the name “biocuck3” was coined. It quickly stuck and saw frequent use as bioman3 began to shitpost harder, take the game less seriously, and generally act like a complete ass. “biocuck” became a vessel for the ambiguous frustration most felt following the collapse of USGA, and the notion that he was cuck hasn't faded since.

FRIENDS: (feel free to expand this list if you find any)

ENEMIES: almost everyone hates this faggot

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