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One fine day there was an older women of fair complexion, her name was Spont Cranster the III. now legend has it that this old women shriveled up into a Batcave lair of sorts in the fall of 94' ME HEARTIES LET ME TELL YE OF THE FALL OF 94' 'TWAS A MEAN YEAR SHE WAS THE WIND AND GAILS WERE BATTERING OUR POOR BOAT TO SMITHEREENS

Ciphers Playfair low Bifid/CM Bifid for high ADFGVX for medium Ciphers against police GIS 1943 “playfair” with transposition for medium Bifid for low level CIA book cipher for high sec Ciphers against military CIA book cipher for medium Modified Dryad for low OTP for high/all I can get away with.

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