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CHAD (Centralized Holy Alliance of Dominions) was a multi-faction coalition on cuccubus' server that existed from some time in December of 2017 up until the servers shutdown in March of 2018.

Although its membership and mission statement fluctuated over the course of the server, it managed to win the iteration anyway due to its overwhelming numbers, only ever “losing” one war in its history.

Mission Statement: CHAD was originally founded by UltraMarines, Columbia, Lusitania, and Snackbars with the mission statement of preventing a newfag flood as seen in the end of Jwginge's server from ever happening again.

Although as time went on such a thing ever occurring became more and more improbable and the Mission Statement instead shifted to expelling memeraiders from the server.


  • Germania
  • UltraMarines
  • Snackbars
  • Zeon
  • Solvada
  • Kyushu

Non-Member factions under CHAD protection

  • Simpleton
  • bazoopingasIV
  • Former Members
  • Columbia (disbanded membership moved to bavaria)
  • Bavaria (disbanded membership moved to Germania)
  • Lusitania (merged with UltraMarines)
  • IronWarriors (Joined during WWU, however was kicked out under suspicion of conspiring with enemy faction)
  • SPQR (Joined during WWU)
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