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Welcome to /pol/and Craft, newfag! This will serve as your guide to the server. If you need any help with the land claiming system (factions) or have any questions on the server, ask Hudson in game.

Basic Mechanics The sever runs on minecraft 1.14.4.

  • Map size: 6,000 blocks from spawn in any direction
  • /sethome: allows you to teleport back to your home with the /home command
  • Obsidian is blowable with TNT cannons

Factions/Land Claiming

How do you go about building a faction base? First off, find a good location far away from spawn, around 3000 blocks in any direction. It might take a while to walk there, but the most ideal base location would probably be a good distance from spawn. DO NOT build a base on the world border (it's much easier to find). Once you have found a good location, do /f claim if you are the leader of your faction. Now do /f show, you will see a bunch of numbers on top of your chat. Those numbers represent how much power and claims your faction has. Here's an example: 1/4/10. The first number is how many claims you have. The second one is how much power you have, you lose power everytime you die. And the third is how much land you could claim. To gain power, avoid dying. If you have more land than power, other players can claim your land. To see a player’s individual power, do /f power [their name] To gain more power, you need to invite more players to your faction. To do that, I would suggest making threads on /pol/ advertising your faction. To actually invite someone, do: /f invite [their username]. To create a home you and others can teleport to, claim land then use /f sethome, then /f home to teleport there.


The server has a comprehensive economy plugin installed that includes an autosell system that converts blocks or items to currency. Use the command /sell hand to sell the block in your hand and /bal to check how much currency you currently own. There are several plugins that make use of this economy plugin, listed below:

  • Sign Shops: Players can trade items for money by making a sign with the format below:

If you'd like a video tutorial, check out

  • Bounties: You can place a bounty on the head of any player by typing the command /bounty (player) (value). Once a player kills the target, they receive their head and the value of their bounty. To view all available bounties type /bounties.


General guide to making available runes:

Enabled runes:

  • freezer
  • compass
  • diviner
  • tempest
  • glowstick
  • tranquilityobelisk
  • oracle
  • smelter
  • leafblower
  • farmer'scharm
  • powertool
  • containment
  • accelerator
  • flotilla
  • bowoflight
  • multishot
  • bowofredlight
  • bottomlesscauldron
  • magiccake
  • aetherward
  • voidward
  • toolward
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