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Just so everyone who reads this is clear, in the history of our multiple servers (about 6 with 5 different admins, all servers were on at different times besides two) we have had around 55 worlds now.

“And in the streets the children screamed The lovers cried, and the poets dreamed But not a word was spoken The church bells all were broken” The Great Shitstorm of our time.

Before the creation

May 6th 2012: Originally meant as a simulation for “real world” politics, the nameless idea of /pol/andcraft came into fruition when an anonymous serverfag took inspiration from a random image found on /pol/ of a well-built beach house, and literally 19 minutes later, started a thread with an idea to start a minecraft server. “/pol/craft” was one suggestion that came into conflict with wowfags, so we opted for “/pol/andcraft” instead. It was also initially intended to be a towny server, not a faction server.

First Server

The First World - The War with Popfront and the Minors

After awhile on noticing the rapid expansion of SPQR , Popfront decided to go after the Romans and declared war on them to attempt to curb their power. Rome fought a long war of attrition against Popfront, eventually resulting in the capulation of the leadership of Popfront, only a few diehard fighters were left in their crumbling base. Rome claimed victory and was almost unopposed.

Not before long after rome's grip had tightend and all the big threats were out of the way rome could once again turn it's attention to the smaller factions that had popped up during and before it's war with Popfront (USM , Sparta, Athens and Avolmarch ) USM was the first on their list, USM was a small self soviet styled guerrilla group that had been raiding Roman trade caravans on the giant road they had constructed to their allies, the AnCaps. Rome set out to attack USM with about 3 actual Romans and about 4 mercs from GOM.

The USM mountain base was found and a 1 hour siege commenced, with the two holdouts from USM being ITehCheese and Sheller. As the mercenaries poured in from the front gate which they had blown in, the two defenders fought the mercs killing about 2-3 of them, then retreating out a secret back door. By the time they had returned the Romans and mercs had ran off with most of their goods.

After USM, their next target was Sparta, a small state belonging to the Greek Confederacy which was a small group of greek city states which had formed loose alliances to protect against bigger outside threats. The romans once again headed out with the mercs and a few legionaries to attack sparta with a tip and coords from an outside source, these turned out to be false coords and the Romans went almost 10k blocks out without finding a single thing, they eventually found the Greek Confederate area stumbling onto Athens, a large battle ensued against the Greeks and the Romans with the Romans coming out on top because of the main body of the spartan army secretly forming up with the mercs to attack Rome.

The Romans finally attempted to finish their conquest of the minors by going after Avolmarch. Avolmarch was a small kingdom based off of a river not far off from where USM was, Ironshadow, the leader of Avolmarch fought bravely with Sirhammy (the sole members of Avolmarch) against the romans and managed to fend them off for awhile but then Ironshadow gave into Roman demands and became a client state of SPQR.

The Mercs find the Stronghold and defeat the Enderdragon

One evening the Guild of Mercenaries were busy constructing their second base, this time a badass stone monstrosity within the desert when whispers raced thhrough the ranks that the Stronghold had been found, and with it the legendary Ender Portal. After discussion and debate the Mercs decided to abandon their new base before it was yet a day old in pursuit of the prestige and glory of controlling the Ender Portal and defeating the Enderdragon.

Thus began a long and arduous journey through the world of /pol/and, encountering hostile AnCaps after an unfortunate misnderstanding of trespassing, and creeping through the vast territories of the glorious empire of Rome. Initially there was much confusion as the mercenary who knew the coordinates had long gone offline and all his remaining guildmembers had to go on was a rough memory of the Stronghold's coordinates. After an extensive amount of digging there was finally a breakthrough as the mercenaries finally found their way into the Stronghold. However, the GoM's adventure was yet to be concluded as despite searching far and wide the Ender Portal remained undiscovered.

This was all to change as one clumsy, yet lovable mercenary found his way into a library, and after deciding to explore further got himself hopelessly lost. Attempting to find his way back to his comrades, this mercenary accidentally stumbled across something that looked familiar. Slowly entering the room, he discovered the Enderportal, screaming of his discovery within faction chat. Further confusion followed as his guildmembers embarked on a desperate search for their fellow mercenary and the Ender Portal at which he waited. Soon, all three had been reunited at the Ender Portal and after more discussion a crude base of operations was established in the room outside.

No further progress was made until the next day, when once four of the mercenaries came online they decided to take the plunge and dive through the Ender Portal. The mercenaries had reached the conclusion of their legendary adventure, but a difficult fight with the Enderdragon still lay between them and eternal glory. This battle began with a desperate struggle to destroy the crystals atop the many pillas found within the End, whilst also avoiding the Enderdragon and his many Enderman minions. Once these were destroyed it was time to take the fight to the dragon. What ensued was hours (minutes) of hard work and uncertainty as the mercenaries battled the Enderdragon and his ridicuously large health bar, their resolve weakening as the battle appeared to have no end, and their arrow count rapidly depleting. Soon enough, the hard work of the mercenaries finally brought the glory the so desired, as the Enderdragon was vanquished, leaving behind but a single egg and a shitload of experience orbs, so much so that the valiant mercenaries found themselves blinded by them.

After regaining their composure and making sure everyone was present, the mercenaries returned to their own world, bringing with them the Egg, a truckload of Enderstone, and everlasting glory. Again, after more discussion, as discussion is what mercenaries do instead of blindly following the whims of an undeserving emperor, the mercenaries decided not to display their successes to the rest of the server just yet and to once again abandon their new base which they had established within the Stronghold, vowing to make their next base more glorious than ever before, and to build the central tower out of Enderstone to display their glory to all those who may find their way to this secret location.

The mercenaries packed up their small base for yet another long and arduous journey. But first, they had to leave their mark for any who were to discover the Ender Portal in the future. The mercenaries hastily bricked up the portal, closing it off from any who would endeavour to use it for their own purposes, stopping before leaving only to leave a single, mocking sign taunting future adventurers with their sights set on glory with the message:

“Beat you to it” -The Mercs

After long standing tentions and small wars here and there Rome had fallen into a slow decline much like the Empire did in real life. Infighting and losses on the fronts and mounting tentions between their allies and enemies alike. Around 2pm EST Banana (SirHammy's Alt account), a spy of Rome, and the owner of GOM, Dave, invaded the city of Rome with the intentions of burning it down, with the help of the former leaders of Avolmarch, Sparta, and Costanzlam.

Walking into the front doors with the help of Banana the invaders met little resistance from Rome due to the loyalists and Rome being off trying to find Sparta after Dave gave them the wrong coordinates, the city was flooded with lava by Banana, who was supplied by GOM. At about this time massive defections from Rome were occuring, most of the soliders when returning home from fighting with Sparta left the faction and took everything they could with them leaving a huge power vaccume in rome. Factions such as GOM, Popfront, Athens, USM and various other individuals began claiming all of the land in and around rome.

At this point the social structure of rome collapsed. Romans themselves started looting fellow Romans, destroying shops to escape the flooding of Lava don by Banana and steeling the banks treasure for themselves. Many of them dug through the mountains and took refuge with the AnCaps or NSPAP. SirHammy an ex-Avolmarch member who joined Rome as a soldier to loot weaker factions and to secretly get revenge gathered all his loot and items, hid them and join IronShadow, the ex-leader of Avolmarch who was intently spawn killing Romans as they tried to escape and claim their goods from the burning city. The city was lost and the Holy Roman Empire controledthe the countryside, the city as divided between Mercenaries, Ancap and The HRE, the HRE getting the most and settling on the outskirts next to the grainerys since the city was beyond repair with lava everywhere, there was a small effort to clear the lava but only a tiny fraction was cleared.

The few loyalists left had evacuated the city through the mountains and had set up a small shanty town on the outskirts of the now destitute Rome, their new leader (Jhonson1210 had ragequit by this point) name is lost in time, but it is known that he proved himself very incompetent after inving two new members to try and bolster their fledgling ranks only to have them steal the little wealth they had. In the aftermath, Ancap had became the most powerful faction, with NSPAP holding a distant second. End Note: Mercilesshoud (the madmin at the time) was fucking around with a tree mod when he accidently lost the world save, so the world reset and most of the playerbase with it, many oldfags names are lost in time. Let it be known that this was the best /pol/and ever was and their may not be another time like this in our future.

“Only an idiot would think that Rome could fall” -Jhonson1210 posting in the /pol/ thread the night before rome fell.

The Second World - First server

Anarcho-Capitalist "Project End-Game" Timeline

  • 10th May 2012: War was declared on the Anarcho-Capitalists in the pre-reset times by the Spartan Empire. Pre-emptive actions were taken this time around, ending in the death of a scout. The Spartans later rallied 3 strong members while the AnCaps dealt with a mole that had been setting fire to members' homes and looting from the private caches. There was a rat amongst the faction that needed to be found and dealt with.
  • 11th May 2012: Anarcho-Capitalists uncovered the underground fortress. Later, the portal to The End was discovered within this very fortress. Efforts to secure the fortress were made; a small patch of land had been claimed in the seemingly barren centre of a tropical jungle, and preparations were underway for a raid on The End.
  • 12th May 2012: The second attack by the Spartan Empire did not meet with great success. Rather than gain ground on the AnCaps they were forced to retreat. The Ancaps managed to pick a Spartan off before the others got away, into a tundra many miles away. The AnCaps were forced to suspend the chase due to fatigue. Back at their base, a meeting was called to discuss the issues that had been plaguing them. They were at war, there was lava on their crops, there were fires breaking out and explosions being set in the community chest area, and a reserve of diamonds was missing. We had found the mole, and in the wake of his execution, a meeting was called to finally secure their territory. Farms were built to end the problems of starvation, a resource shortage was addressed, and hundreds of iron was mined, along with diamonds and gold. This time around, the supplies no longer vanished mysteriously, and a mass producing of arrows began to some extent. The AnCaps were all fitted with a set of tools to be better prepared in the case of an attack.
  • 13th May 2012: The third battle against the Spartans was waged. The AnCaps won handily, as the Spartans were forced to retreat. The Spartan Empire would later disband due to internal strife. To better defend against intruders, farms were walled in, preparations were made for frontal defence, the mines were covered up, and the railroad that lead to The End portal was under construction.
  • 14th May 2012: Project Eng-Game has been realized! Minecarts were produced and members gathered ender eyes. All members took their Diamond sets and set off down the finished railway to meet the ender dragons and claim the eggs. 4 brave men entered into The End, but in the following hours only 3 remained. The courageously fought off the three dragons, and finally, after what seemed an eternaty, claimed their prize. The three eggs now rest snug on top of golden floors, in a display made of glass.

“Muh free market.” -AnCaps on placing of the Dragon Eggs

RedFist a small communist city-state: rise & demise

The powerful and kosher faction of Bankers and TWB (The White Brotherhood) united along with many bored 3rd party faction members who were huge vaginalFACED CUNTS I WILL FUCKING KILL YOU ALL, YES THIS IS A WRITTEN THREAT!!! defeated the 5 man Army of RedFist when Tsar Erk disbanded the faction because he was butt-devestated that Hammy was killing all the enemies and leaving none for him.

The war started when the Bankers leader Mr Shekels Goldenbloomsten decided to pretend to be a 12 year old russian loli winning the mind of Hammy he gained entrance and slowly stole the Factions wealth, then the Bankers attacked and managed to completely sack RedFist (a small mine at the time).

Then the 5 year plan was in motion, the plan to build over the adjacent rivers and contruct a public mansion with Greco-Roman architecture.During this plan there were many raids done by the Bankers who nearly defeated Redfist when RedFist got two new recruits who attempted but failed to kill him.

  • Sir Hammy The great (Head of the guard)
  • Erk The sodomite (The Tsar)
  • TyranAcid (or something like that i forget his name, cool dude)
  • Pa66word2 (Bad-ass motherfucker fucks bitches with his 60inch pecker)
  • And that other guy who's name I forget

The White Brotherhood and Bankers and friends lead an army of 12 vs our 5 (or 6 I don foken know m8). The siege started when all RedFist members gathered together although Erk was missing (he was a total faggot at fighting anyway) in a huge bundle, this startegy was devised by SirHammy the leader of RedFist's army when he once thougth (Hey getting hit by two people hurts) this plan worked perfectly when the Bankers leader was found hiding in our watchtower, and after losing a bunch of men, we finally killed him, but then the rest of the forces of the bankers took our town.

Then Erk disbanded RedFist even though there were only 3 left to kill and 4 of us. Then Erk blamed SirHammy who was busy fucking bitches to care, Erk tried to kill sirHammy who fought back and when Erk was about to die stopped and said that they were on the same team chill your ass faggot.

That is the story of RedFist, later Hammy realized it was a communist faction and that Erk was the one stealing his shit because Private property was banned and SirHammy said it wasn't which lead to a huge shitstorm.

Eventually, SirHammy was arrested for posession of child pornography. RIP.

The Third World

After waiting days for the reset Serverfag finally reset it. This server was immediately noticed as world 2 with a few 1000 meters of replaced land. NSPAP quickly grew to over 25 members in a few days. However, not all factions settled down as quickly as NSPAP, GOM and TWB were battling raiders left, right and center. The bankers faction amassed a large array of coordinates of every base. All around spawn factions began erecting freemarkets (a first for /pol/andcraft). All of the deceit and disaray from insiders within one another's faction came to a halt however, when serverfag left the server to run without his watchful eye. Englavian, the crafty jew, waited for the right time and managed to log into multiple factions accounts. Getting into AdrenalineON's account he managed to unclaim all of NSPAP's land and kick every non-mod out of the faction. After fucking over the base and effectively incapacitating the strongest faction, stacks of TNT were then supplied to many factions on “loan”.

The Redfist attacked Bankers, and with the banker's diplomatic skills called upon TWB to aid them in crushing Redfist. With almost every faction with a nearly unlimited amount of TNT, The third world was mostly ruined, especially with the failure of the WorldEdited 2nd map. The server closed down one day and merciless completely fucking disapeared one day never to be seen for about 5 months. The server lasted from January to April 2012.

jarad_d_dude and AdrenalineOn's Servers

After the closure of mercilesshound's server two main server's emerged, one administrated by jared_d_dude which had factions, economy plugin and timber mod, anti xray while AdrenalineOn kept it boder line vanilla with only a few mods including factions, and timbermod. These servers went through about 20 combined (3 jared's and 17 of adren's) mostly because the administrators of adren's server (AdrenalineON and Eden_wut) got hammerd on a weekly basis and went around blowing everything up.

After awhile of this and many repreations being demaned people stopped playing and AdrenalineOn stopped hosting, a few months later jarad_d_dude said had some IRL troubles with his brother going to jail or some shit on some really serious offences so that ended his server. Adren's server lasted to about August to November 2012 while jared's lasted from about August 2012 to January 2013.

Miloxydia's Story

I don't remember Adren hosting any real /pol/ servers around this time, though I remember he was hosting a Tekkit Server. Feel free to add in Adrens server if he had one, but here's my testimony from Jareds server. I don't have the Greatest memory from this time, a lot of it's a blur, but I do remember bits and pieces - Miloxydia

The relevant factions on Jareds 1st server were Easily NSPAP and USSRP (I believe that was it), NSPAP leadership swapped between Abrown and Miloxydia while USSRP was AdrenalineON. A race to the end was the first goal in mind. Miloxydian had a Surplus of Blaze Rods, AdrenalineON had a surplus of Ender Pearls. We traded, and the race to the portal started. AdrenalineON, hacking as usual, beat me by about a minute or so. It was infuriating. Not so much that he beat me, but that he sent pictures of him hacking to me and when I forwarded them to the Admins they refused to do anything about it. So what else to do but kill AdrenalineON?

Dusty_Call and Miloxydia spawn-killed Adren when he offered an egg, and the war began. Server stagnated for a few days, and I left for about a week. A week after, I learned AdrenalineON had probed my account for the NSPAP coords and AdrenalineON and friends destroyed the NSPAP base with hacks and probed Coords. USSRP was banned. Being inactive around this time my memory around it is mostly a blur. There may or may not have been a map reset, but I don't think there was.

My next memory is logging in and finding that NSPAP had monopolized the End and created an Enderman Grinder. Our main base was also in the End, and the Ends spawn pad was obby'd over and claimed. My next memory is logging in to find Alts of AdrenalineON and friends (Adren was under the name Dark_Dolan if I'm not mistaken. I have screenies of this raid somewhere to post). Everybody but Dark_Dolan was banned for hacks after their raid ended in semi-failure. (They managed to get some enchanted armor, but they were killed by your humble narrator).

Around this time Tmanzikurt was arrested for something serious. Jared affirms he knows his brother Tman could not have done this, and becomes inactive because of it. The new admin Eden_Wut is effectively the owner while Jared pays the bills.

Time passes without major incident. There's an interfactional raid on the hacker “Nigorano” which is aided by the new Madmin Eden_wut. Given items and tele'd to their bases, the raid is easy. Nigorano was trying to jew his way out of this the entire time.

A new faction is formed of Dark_Dolan and friend's alts. I beleive it was TBP (The Black Panthers) then changed to TWB (The White Brotherhood) but it could be the other way around. Hacking was obvious, but Eden refused to ban. They would constantly hack their way into the end and into the enclosed Enderman grinder. Raids on both sides occur. Losses happen on both sides, armor and weapons are lost, but there's no real “Victor or Loser” in the big picture.

Around this time, Abrown is off for a week or so and seeing the need for Power, NSPAP assimilates Sebek into the faction.

Raids and Raids, and more hacks later, Eden_wut was finally drunk enough at the time of the raid to ban TWB completely and the problems on that map more or less end. Map has a reset. Eden_Wut forgot to put in Authme. I went onto his account, banned a few people and just did whatever. Then came by ban. Worth it. The next time I was on a server, Eden_Wut and AdrenalineON were the admins. The big threat this time around was Nigorano. I believe Eden stated that Nigorano had created over 1000 alts and was constantly DDoS'ing the server and was the leader of ThirdReich as TobiasBrievik and played as leader of his faction. That's about the limit of my coherent memories of these servers. Anyone has anything to ammend, add it in, or add in your own perspective of these maps.

GordonFreemanQ's Server

The Beginning of the Server

Gordon's server arose quite simply and easily. Jared_D_Dude had long ago quit, but his server was still up and running, with Adren as sole operator. He was often indulging in the herbal jew and getting drunk, causing him to go nuts and cryme people's bases, give out coords, or use his many, MANY, MANY alts to ruin people's days. If he wasn't up to some shit, his asshole buddies were.

So, naturally, people were pretty sick of everyone's favorite Australian and when Jared forgot to pay the server bills, the server went down. Now, I, Bgbba, am not really sure about the last Jared's server world, honestly, since I wasn't around for it. I know that it involved USM and SPQR fighting (What a shocker there).

Note that from here until near the end of the history page Bgbba wrote mostly everything, so much of it is very biased. Nearly every player agrees he was a massive faggot. Anyways, word got out that Gordon had put up a server and within a few days, the regular old guys were back. Good times were returning and the withered seed of fun that had been neglected under Adren suddenly bloomed. Factions arose out of nothing and the largest and most powerful were the WBC, Winterfell, SPQR, USM, Caliphate, Bounty, and Banderists. The WBC, for our part, lurked under the ocean in a base built by our good buddy pa66word2 and for a time we had about four people and were at peace.

Now, in all this mess of new people, arose a specter that darkened /pol/andcraft for nearly a year or more. Rommel. Now, The North Pol is mostly defined by Rommel's actions and as his former faction member, I can offer a perspective on what happened. Rommel was a raider, pure and simple. He didn't give a flying fuck about politics and god damn did the WBC give him an outlet for it. He joined us after threatening to raid us and setting his home in our vault (Thanks, Gordon, for your wonderful operator skills), but in the process made us extremely rich. Now, from here on out, the WBC's history is basically the server's, since we were involved in nearly all the wars.

The First War and the Great Schism

There once was a faction called Winterfell, inhabited by one of the greatest architects I have ever known: Aejax. Led by Dustymittens, Winterfell had about eight people, most of whom were inactive except for a particular Jake_The_Hobo. Now, Aejax and Dusty had/have no life and spent literally twelve hours a day building their base under the ocean. So, this piqued old Rommel's Raid-Detecting sensors, for he smelled diamonds to be made. So, we gathered intel and eventually found their base.

Of all the bases that ever lived, Winterfell's was simulteaneously beautiful and utterly retarded in design. It was a massive cobblestone cylinder with glass over the top, under the ocean. Inside this was a beautiful shito temple-looking thingy surrounded by farms. But, the edge of the cobblestone barrier went deep into the ocean floor and in addition, this wall was at the edge of a claimed chunk. Raiding was easy, becuase they had a hole in the wall leading to a dark cave. Six creepers later and we were in full posession of their entire farmed resources.

They logged in, we killed them, ect. But, the best part is that Jake_The_Hobo messaged Rommel about taking all of Winterfell's stuff from their vault and giving it to us. Rommel met him and diamond blocks galore started flying. Jake had betrayed winterfell completely and utterly. Jake wrote a bestselling novel called Aejax's Butt, where he violently anally raped Aejax. Aejax and Dustymittens got so butthurt (lel) about this that they quit the North Pol forever and formed their little circlejerk called West Pol, or Dustycraft, which is still around, just in a very limited and weak form. This echo of butthurt may have finally run its course though, with dustycraft officially closed to the public.

With the passing of Winterfell, the WBC came into prominence fully and started raiding everyone in sight. Around this time, Adren set up his own server alongside North Pol and West Pol, splitting the community three ways. However, Dustymittens was a faggot and couldn't run a server for shit and Adren was always under the influence of some herbal or alcoholic shit and would cryme people, so most people stayed on North Pol. Eventually, Adren's server completely died out. (This isn't the last time he made a shitty server that didn't last for shit, by the way.)

The North /pol/ Server

The Second World War

The WBC stomped faction after faction. So many little ones fell beneath our diamond boots that I can't even begin to count. We withered CIDF's obsidian vault and after that became the masters of the wither. However, there was but one faction that we could not take down: Bounty.

Bounty was finally banned for apolitical raiding by Hudson about three weeks ago (Early January, 2014. I have the screens), but back in the day, they were a noob faction with little actual power in the server. They had the world's least organized, ugliest cobble box castle I have ever seen and naturally, we naively assumed that we could beat their shit.

Rommel had been kicked from Caliphate for being a faggot and getting Raziel (Caliphate's Caliphe) killed and as a muslim faction, Caliphate despised the WBC. Though we never found nor raided Caliphate, we did find and attempt to wither bounty FOUR FUCKING TIMES, all unsuccessfully. This culminated in Rommel going beserk and summoning two withers and shitposting, quitting our faction, changing our name (Blacksheep stole it after that, that nigger) and generally being a whiney bitch for refusing to accept defeat by fucking Bounty.

Bounty and caliphate then withered our castle, but they were tards and led it top down, so by the time it reached our chest room, it was dead. After this, the first North Pol world petered out and it dwindled until nearly nobody was left online. Thus, the server reset.

The New World

In the new server map, the major factions returned, including the WBC, sans Rommel who had quit temporarily. However, we still rose to prominence, after a setback of being raided by DEAL or CIDF. Rommel returned and the shadow once again covered /pol/andcraft.

This map was marked by the WBC's sub-lava nether base never being so much as found, never mind raided. During this time, we raided USM, our last allies, making them quit, SPQR, which we made temporarily disband (Chainsaw's asspain was beyond reconing), and Banderists, whose stupid obsidian boxes we raided no less than three times. But, before all that shit went down, let me tell you about the first and last time /pol/andcraft was ever defeated on its own turf.

The Templar War

There once was a server called Civcraft and it was filled with lots of neckbeards and children. Naturally, one of these was a mod who fancied himself a 'hacker'. One day, some stupid goyim called this mod a 'script kiddie', making him so angry that he ddosed civcraft and took it down. GordonFreeman, smelling an opportunity to boost our ever lower amount of players, invited them to our server. All fifty of them. The Templars grew at a pace that was beyond stupid. Unmatched in Polandcraft's history. HughBros deleted their first base, but they just rebuilt elsewhere. At first, we underestimated them. But when we discovered that we were facing a fully equipped elite army of fifty players, every faction on the server collectively felt their anuses clench and we banded together in an alliance to destroy them utterly.

Now, I think that two men may be blamed for the utter failure of the raid on Templars. The first is ITehCheese, who ran in there with USM like a banshee but didn't quite realize that it doesn't matter how fast you click if you're outnumbered. The second is IveCoveredWars, who also was a military commander and ran in like a chicken with his head cut off, ignoring the calls from KenneyTh to stop and think for two seconds.

Now, Kenney and I were the only people not to get our shit wrecked during that battle, me because I was being a clever juden and trapping them in their own mines and killing them, because they'd forgotten to claim them and I did, and Kenney because he'd pillared to the sky in preperation for a cobble monster. All others were lost.

So, we pulled our last card: crymes. Oh yes, crymes, ladies and gentlemen. GordonFreeman, seeing the damage that had been rought, called in the last people that we had available: Dave_Strider69 and AdrenalineON. He supplied them with fully enchanted diamond armor, potions, and kept healing them while they mowed down about fifty other players that by all means SHOULD have won against them. But, it was too late for the Templars and Civcraft went back up the day that they fell on our server. Thus ended the greatest war that ever happened in my time on this server. (The Saxony raid by Rommel in Hudsoncraft may come close). The server map began to wind down again. Hugh took another 'left turn' in which he wrote a drama-filled book explaining that he was turning into a fat wizard and wanted to lift some weights and get laid. Without our mod, the server slowly began to collapse. Soon enough, GordonfreemanQ dissappeared completely without a trace and the server went down. As far as we know, he went into the witness protection program and the Gordon we see again on our server is a government agent, because he still hasn't readded us on skype. Thus ended the fourth /pol/andcraft. After this, the WBC had no energy left. Volkom, our leader, quit and after that, the WBC was finished. With our passing went some of the best times that the server has had. The life cycle must begin anew, and begin it did.

Hudson's Server

On 14 July 2013, Hudson made a new /pol/andcraft server due to Adrencraft being cryme-ridden and dead. The server lasted until he shut it down on Feburary 3, 2014. for about 2 and a half years.

The World War

By Feb. 28, 2014, WBC's leader bgbba had formed a secret organization against NSDAP. Later that day, bgbba and daegger prosecuted blood for various crimes. This led to a lengthy arguement that led to to Templars and WBC becoming neutral with NSDAP. NSDAP then declared war on the two. The fighting started in Axios, and after Bavaria was convinced by bgbba to vote on declaring war on NSDAP, soon NSDAP sieged against Munich, Bavaria's main city. The Bavarians lasted considerably long until they were slowly killed off by NSDAP forces infiltrating the base. Because of the high amounts of land they had, NSDAP soon could claim seven total chunks in Munich, including the main armory. Bavaria's Munich was devastated and ransacked, but even still Bavaria soon made peace with NSDAP. Bavaria has vowed to be more focused on itself and not let interfactional politics get in the way, and has cut off ties with the WBC for dragging them into the war. -Eaiix's Story

Alright. As the main culprit of what happened, I bgbba, can shed some light as to what happened. This all started with GiovanniVerdura, the former Lieutenant from Saxony and WBC member who enemied NSDAP as a joke. However, Adren had gotten so bored that he didn't let it go and utterly wrecked our Crystal Cavern. After the raid, NSDAP turned neutral again. Now at this point, I was just dandy with that. NSDAP has and as far as I can tell, probably never will, like the WBC all that much. However, I was willing to let things go and it seemed that they did to.

Around this time, the City of Jerusalem had risen from the desert at the hands of Owenstine, leader of the faction Jerusalem. Jerusalem soon absorbed the independent ulvhammer, the outcast waffle20 from Templars (And Saxony and WBC before that, lel), and Linkedyn, the last member of SPQR to resist assimilation to

Jerusalem at its peak

other factions. They soon moved, but after Rhodesia and WBC had built embassies. Rhodesia went full retard and left the server, leaving the WBC alone in the city. I saw what it could be and began to rebuild it, creating the great walls and now surround it.

However, Adren did not seem to be willing to let bygones be bygones and for about a week TNTed, creeper lured, and spawned withers in the city, destroying the WBC embassy and the non-kosher, non-halal bacon shop next door several times.

One night, blood, a member of NSDAP punched bgbba when he went to spawn, preventing him from teleporting away. He kept doing this and when Bg fled for fear of getting #rekt, blood pursued, only for blood to log out without realzing he was still in combat. This combat logged him, since he'd been punching bgbba, and bgbba got his god armor, tools, golden apples, and a bunch of soulsand which he had been using to spawn withers.

The next day, Eaiix approached bg, saying he should stand up to NSDAP someday. Thus began the quest to fomulate an alliance against NSDAP in the first World War of the server. Bgbba approached Templars and Bavaria about a raid on the great power and Cofficecup, the leader of Bavaria was fully in favor. Templars was only pushed in by later actions.

It was about this time that Adren and JumboG realized that the WBC had blood's god armor and demanded it back, killing Bgbba and setting up a TNT cannon for the third time that week to blow up his city. Bgbba had had enough of this shit, since he was completely neutral to NSDAP, but he gave back the armor to save his city and accepted NSDAP's offer of an alliance after they said it “Might help prevent future incidents”. However, NSDAP's aggressive behavior had sealed their fate with the other factions and bgbba readied for war, making a set of god armor and a sword.

Within a day, Templars came on to discover that their tower outside spawn had been blown up from the inside by creepers. The issue was, there was no way that someone could have lured or dragged a creeper into the tower. When it became apparent that blood had said he would blow up Templar's tower and that NSDAP probably had creeper eggs, Templars had finally had enough. Deagger investigated the incident and found blood to be a story-shifting faggot. (Even though it was Adren who used the creeper eggs to blow it up). In a show of force, Templars, WBC, and NBP (Nomadic Benefactors of the People) all neutralled NSDAP as a show of force, while Meikleland declined in fear of the Nazi's wrath or just sheer neutrality. I don't know which. Now, I am not sure what happened next. But, I believe Adren when he said that Eaiix pulled the first punch by enemying NSDAP “accidentally”. But, when Philly protested and said that they were neutralling simply becuase Templars wasn't sure of blood's guilt, but didn't think him truly guilty, Adren refused to listen. NSDAP enemied Templars and in response, the WBC enemied NSDAP, following suit. Thus began the great battle of the Insurrection. -Bgbba

The NSDAP Insurrection and The Civcraft Invasion

For multiple weeks at the start of a new world, the dominant faction of polandcraft was the formidable Nazi alliance, NSDAP. Led by known hackers, raiders, and unemathetic pirates, the rest of the server was quiet in terms of complain of their massive forces and unrelenting harrassment. When the server was started, Unreal, the current admin at the time, gave multiple people Moderator status on the server, which also included Creative. Within minutes, NSDAP's base had transformed from a small settlement to a 32x32x40 Obsidian box near bedrock level, filled with chests containing Diamonds, Gold, Iron, Enchanted Apples, Armor, Weapons, Tnt, Gunpowder, and most importantly, Ghast and creeper eggs. Eventually their chests were wiped.

NSDAP displayed their godly power when in a swift move, griefed the whole of spawn and an upcoming trade city, Jerusalem, with ghasts spawned through eggs. This was an unsettling event, and even though multiple 2day bans were enforced by Hud-san, people were terrified of NSDAP's apparent unending power. As the server dragged on, people became better equipped to handle NSDAP's frequent harrassment. They made constant attempts to use the now well known and independantly owned trade city,

Hudson's first server spawn area

Jerusalem, as target practice for their expanding armada of TNT cannons. Having spent numerous weeks (around 30 hours) building this intricate model of a once outstanding city, the WBC and it's leader, Bgbba, were furious at the multiple infractions on common server courtesy. Bgbba started speaking out publicly against Adrenaline0N, JumboG, blood8815, and other well known pirates. This brought major attention to WBC and their possible conflict with the giant faction, soon to come.

As tension grew, the NSDAP held no account for their growing opposition. In secret, all large factions at the time were planning a coupe to overthrow the Nazi behemoth. But in one suprising moment, the tides were turned. Adrenaline0N and JumboG planted a cannon with tons of TNT outside the WBC Embassy, and offered a hostage situation. The cannons would surely destroy half of the newly constructed architecture in the city, not only built by the WBC but my countless other factions with intertwined shops and embassies. Bgbba rallied the opposition, getting confirmation that Coffice and the Barons of Bavaria, as well as Eaiix, would definitely help fight NSDAP, as well as NBP supporting in verbal, though not physical, opposition as a neutral force.

Tension stretched constantly as suspicions grew that NSDAP was still griefing random bases and player outposts. In an incident involving Templars, another formidable force on the server, NSDAP's member blood8815 was accused of acting on threats he'd made previously by blowing up and lavaing an outpost. Damage assessment assured the use of creeper eggs as a cause, leading most factions to a unified conclusion. Templars, originally trying desperately to remain neutral until conflict, became the first target of NSDAP's rampage that followed. When NSDAP and Templars began to fight, the WBC joined in, with Coffice waiting in the wings with Bavaria, sending troops to Axios. In a quick series of events, Templars moved into defensive battle station maneuvers and called other allies to their Capitol, Axios. As they were waiting for help to arrive, the sentinels on the walls spotted hostile forces moving in aggressively toward their East wall. Trying desperately to fend off the attackers with a hail of arrows, it was no use. The aggressors deployed covering fire as their agents used creeper eggs on the gatehouse, letting their entire force flood into the city. As the Templars retreated to their Citadel, soliders were chased brutally through the streets until finally able to get into their homes. As the murderholes of the fortress were manned anxiously by the defenders, NSDAP forces found purchase in and unclaimed leg of land within the city, a basic error on the part of the Templars.

Using underground cannoning tactics, NSDAP blew holes into the subway systems hidden subterraniously by the Templars. Following these up into the central system of the Templars base, they used yet more creeper eggs to blow holes into defensive measure that would have normally kept enemies out. Fighting spilled into the central base as Templars and their allies hurried to defend what was theirs. And though Templars Paladin Defenders were strong fighters and able to hold up against any of the NSDAP raiders, Axios forces were at a disadvantage due to miscommunications and false information, whereas NSDAP forces were highly centralized and maintained a constant flow of situation reports over external communication. This led to the death of zoomer, one of the Barons of Bavaria, though none of the Templars nor Bgbba, the sole WBC member online at the time, were killed.

Axios fighters pushed NSDAP back down into the tunnel systems, where there were deadly firefights between the advancing sides, both trying to claim purchase. As NSDAP retreated slowly, Templars was allowed to advance barricades and finally hole them into their original claim. NSDAP was forced to teleport out, because although the seemly stagnant fighting was evenly matched, they were making no progress in their efforts to erradicate enemies of their state.

NSDAP moved on to other enemies, specifially Bavaria, and their capitol Munich. Making quick work of the lesser soldiers, Bavarian fighters were on the constant retreat and were finally overtaken at their spawn point, leaving no survivors for their cause. As their storerooms were looted for goods, and the rest burned in lava pyres, Bavaria was at a loss. Allied forces desperately tried to run to their aid, but were too late and only arrived as the NSDAP were finished burning the useless material left behind. The single decisive victory for NSDAP, proclaimed a sense of dominance, even though their victory was over enemies with much less prowess and knowledge of simple tactics.

All lesser factions of the server were forces back into alliance with NSDAP on grounds that anyone neutral would become a target, and suffer the same fate as the Bavarians. But a new force was rising, one that would take NSDAP by utter surprise.

-Author Break-

That same day, a faction known as Templr (Not to be confused with Templars) came to power when a group of people from civcraft raided the server and united under a single faction. Though initially lowly regarded by the major powers of the server, the faction gained immense numbers until it rivaled that of the NSDAP(who at the time of printing had 16 members). Their leader, GordonFreemanQ, promptly declared war on the server, and a bloody chapter of Polandcraft began.

Meikleland were the first responders to the new threat, followed by bgbba who had gone to Munich only to find it already taken by NSDAP, however, the Templrs slaughtered them all. In a last ditch attempt, bgbba neutralled NSDAP in the face of the new threat and called on the only person to have defeated Civcraft before: Adren.

The NSDAP's legendary battle with the Templrs (Templr perspective)

The Templrs began a crusade of pillaging and murdering. In order to counter the threat, the existing factions were forced into an uneasy truce, united under a common purpose: To defend the lands from the foreign invaders. The battles were bloody, lasting for days (hours). Attempts of diplomacy were met with ridicule, and GordonFreeman's only comment on his motives were the chilling words, “I want to conquer the world.” Soon, it proved only the NSDAP with their mighty armor and weaponry were powerful enough to combat the Templrs, and all-out warfare between the two factions ensued: a grisly battle of diamond-clad warriors on the threshold of Jerusalem.

Innocents were slaughtered. Women were raped. Embassies were pillaged. Men hacked to death in the city canals. On that day, Jerusalem burned, and no one was spared from the blood, the tears, and the butthurt. Meikleland and NBP, allies of WBC and Templars but also of NSDAP were the only factions to defend the city of Jerusalem at first, though NSDAP joined them and utterly wrecked GordonFreemanQ and his buttbuddies. LegoAlchemist, the leader of NBP, was given the title Knight of Jerusalem, Defender of the City by bgbba, the unofficial mayor for his acts of bravery trying to defend the city. NSDAP got the title Defenders of the Server.

The conflict was relentless. Many men were slaughtered. The armies had been exhausted. Few of the NSDAP remained to fight, and the rest of the factions had slunk into the shadows, crushed into subservience by the crippling war. Soon, it seemed that the violence had run its course. Diplomacy had failed. Infiltration tactics were futile. The resistance was over. It seemed that the Templrs had finally broken the server and won the day.

But all was not lost. A civcraft moderator appeared, outraged by the abhorrant behavior of his servermates. With the cooperation of the surviving forces of Polandcraft, the names of the Templrs were gathered and were exiled from their original land of civcraft. The Templrs, humiliated, returned to their base, and for a few hours, it seemed to be a victory for Polandcraft. All further hostilities from the Templrs were petty and feeble, and many of the Polandcraftians brushed them off, returning to life as normal in their victory.

And then the bombs dropped. In one last stroke of buttfrustration, the Templrs unleashed their Weapons of Mass Buttdestruction, barraging the walls of Jerusalem and the fields of spawn with waves upon waves of TNT. The blast, one survivor accounts, was massive, leveling the entire north wall of Jerusalem in an instant. The Polandcrafters, too bitter at bgbba for his creation of the anti-NSDAP alliance and subsequent battle to care about Jerusalem and wine-swodden over their apparent victory, did not bother responding to the attack, and the city went to ruins. The destruction was formidable, saddening. The incredible effort of the WBC to build the grand city was ruined with the single flip of a switch. Jerusalem had fallen. The next day, the revelations continued to come, with Hudson coming on and using the almighty banhammer to finally put a stop to Templrs and GordonFreemanQ, who got banned twofold for apolitical raiding and being a general faggot.

Bavaria, it seemed, had come under the impression that bgbba and Templars had betrayed them by not showing up to Munich. This was a misconception, since Eaiix, Bgbba, and Comstock were all in a skype call together. While bgbba scrambled to get to Munich, Comstock told him of Munich's fall. The capital city of Bavaria had fallen before the WBC could get there to defend. Bgbba went anyways and was lit on fire by Adren for his troubles.

Some hardcore shilling had happened in bgbba's absence, which culminated in Rotor screaming traitor and blathering that bgbba had abandoned Bavaria to save his own hide and that he had tried to drag Saxony into the war. Edrahil told Rotor to shut the fuck up and this caused a flurry of neutralling and allying of the WBC as the two faction mates squabbled. Meanwhile, Adren gleefully called bgbba a 'snake that whispers in other factions ears. “Come send your men to die for me, goyim.”'. Adren then killed bgbba while he tried to rebuild the fallen walls of Jerusalem, which was later discovered to be because he simply wanted to support Rotor.

Then, the second bombshell hit: Templrs had somehow gotten crymed items from Unreal-san, including chests worth of diamonds, TNT, and creeper eggs. Hud-san, fearing a backlash, had to delete their entire base from the map and check out the other factions. Lo and behold, NSDAP also had crymed items, which were taken from their chests. True to form, the next day Adren came on and asked for a reset because crymed items had 'tainted the map'. The other factions were having none of this and a reset is NOT on the table. However, NSDAP neutralled the WBC and the great war finally came to a close, allowing bgbba to rebuild his fallen city of Jerusalem for the seventh time this week.

The Great Happening of 3/21/2014

A few days before this happening, an old warrior of times past made his return to polandcraft. Englavian, ancient CEO of the Bankers faction reformed it and quickly established a bank within the market district of jerusalem. The market district at the time was neglected and hardly traveled, but Englavian was determined to bring traffic to his bank. The chunk next to him, comprising the other half of that side of the market district contained a broken down zoo, from which withers were once kept before Nignog released them and banned for crymes. It was owned by the NSDAP, who did nothing with it since then.

JumboG, a member of NSDAP sold the chunk to englavian for a handful of gunpowder, and the zoo was remodled and changed to a more aesthetic park. Englavian also took control of two more market district chunks, cleaning up holes and unfinished floors, and building more walls and decorations in the district, making it look nicer.

When Adren got on, he was furious. Despite the legitimate trade of the chunk between JumboG and Englavian, he claimed it was stolen from them. He declared war on Bankers and easily killed the unarmored Englavian. Englavian, dissatisfied, called for all of the factions who were tired of NSDAP's nonsensical bullying and attacks to denounce NSDAP and remove their alliances with them. Within the course of a day, NSDAP lost half of their alliance statuses, including Bankers, Meikleland, Macedonia, NBP, NAM, WBC, and some others. Adren didn't care about this, and continued to threaten and attack the Bankers.

In the wee hours of the night, when only 1 or two people were online at any point, Englavian decided that AdrenalineON was the epitome of arrogance and needed to be taught a lesson. Cycling through NSDAP members until he could guess one of their passwords, he logged into a member's account. Uncontested, he was able to chop up all of the chests in NSDAP's vault, burn every single item (Much of it was crymed, such as over 128 nether stars and 64 wither skulls, copious amounts of materials and unstackable objects somehow stacked together). He also put lava in the “/f home”, and set course for the NSDAP embassy in jerusalem. He broke their well trap, destroyed all the chests there, and slaughtered all of the 100 cattle and dozen horses/donkeys. He then killed the stolen player and left NSDAP on them. In the whole event, the only things taken rather than burned were some Diamond/Gold blocks (less than a stack each), nether potion materials (less than a stack each) and two sets of enchanted gear.

Englavian, fully expecting to be banned, did not log off. He waited around, working on his nightclub or smeling some ores. He eventually got off for about an hour, before getting back on and getting confronted by the moderator Goonsquad. He explained what he did, and found that cracking someone elses account does not facilitate an alt, and was not a rule that was broken. At this point, for the first time in a very long time, a new rule was added: no impersonating another account, under threat of immediate banning. Englavian was not punished for this crime. Most people online during the time of Englavian revealing what he had done laughed and approved of his actions.

It was about an hour before Adren got online. He was initially shocked and wordless (He was reported to have looked at his empty lava filled vault for a few minutes saying nothing at atll), but quickly began pointing fingers. After the situation was explained to him, he demanded Englavian's banishment. Multiple discussions were had on what to do, and eventually Englavian was banned for two days, not for the impersonation, but for revealing to everyone the password of the person he impersonated.

With this, NSDAP's power and presence in the land was throttled. However, Adren admitted to this being “a small setback” because he had stashes elsewhere, including “Creeper eggs that you (Goonsquad) will NEVER find”. This caused Adren to further push himself under the eyes of the moderator, and is not likely going to be able to keep more of his crymed items.

Adrenaline- The Rage of an Aboriginal 2.0

However, things were not done at all. Adren soon began pointing fingers and claiming that Goonsquad had teleported Englavian in his vault and given him crymed creeper eggs, which was an obvious lie, since Goonsquad had the logs to prove that he was not online at the time and thus uncapable of doing such a heinous act. JumboG and Adren threatened to use crymed items to blow up the entire server, even though they had none.

Adren finally blew his top and began attacking Jerusalem with JumboG, only to get shut down by Miloxydian who killed JumboG once, then Adren when GiovanniVerdura and Waffle20 trapped him in the WBC's basement (As bgbba had said that the WBC would every time Adren pulled some shit, lel. We got you, faggot). JumboG almost lost his life a 2nd time to Miloxydian, but ran in terror and made it away while Miloxydian changed his target to AdrenalineON.

After finally being proven to be the little bitch that he was, AdrenalineON made a last ditch attempt to regain his feared status by threatening to Ddos the server and 'everyone on it', ddos bgbba forever due to his nonexistent crymes, 'cut off bgbba's balls', and destroy /pol/andcraft forever. Obviously, this didn't happen, but this was finally enough for Goonsquad, who had dealt with Adren's shit for a year. Flashing back to when Adren admitted that he only kept Nignog2000 around because he'd given them all their wealth as a mod, Goonsquad had had enough of the hypocritical snake.

“Adren, it is time.” was heard throughout the server, and as Adren desperately gave his skype to JumboG so he could continue running NSDAP from the shadows, he was permanently banned for the following: crymes, abusing illegal items, shitposting, jewishness, faggotry, autism, threatening to ddos the server, threatening to ddos a mod, threatening to cut a mod's balls off, lying to an admin, false flagging, and last but not least, hacking.

Adren's extreme asspain manifested in him reactivating his skype account and kicking bgbba from the chat groups he started. Not that that mattered, because bgbba then kicked Adren from the chat group of the actually active players on the server. Obviously, Adren did not ddos bgbba, nor cut off his balls, but his asspain was felt halfway across the world well enough.

After the banning, several players decided to explore the TRUE depths of NSDAP's mines. GiovanniVerdura led the team, accompanied by several others including whlightnin, and watched over by GoonSquad. A large TNT cannon was set up outside NSDAP's embassy, breaking a hole into WBC's basement and NSDAP's mines simultaneously. Several members of the team attempted to lure creepers through the mines, but GoonSquad told them “learn to creeper lure” and was heard to remark that he should make a raiding school. After many attempts, NSDAP's horse stables were broken into. The well of death was rendered safe by water, but one raider was heard to remark “fuckign (sic) kebab water.” Eventually, after a Ghast was spawned inside the stables, the raid was pronounced over, and all participants were named Sers with the exception of whlightnin, who preferred the moniker Tercero.

Post-happening 2014-03-23

Englavian, nearly halfway done with flattening the mountain. After all of this, the server entered a period of unprecedented peace. NSDAP was no longer harassing smaller factions and threatening the playerbase, the situation had brought together all of the remaining relevant factions, and upstart bandit grounds like Barbarians, Chaos, and Antigoyim were quiet or became disbanded. Englavian, now fully realizing the value of property in jerusalem, began to further corner the real estate market. He began an enourmous feat; flattening the entire mountain of western jerusalem. Claiming all of it, he hopes to sell it all off once flattened and decorated as property within the “Riverside District”.

The only confrontational incident to happen was that Miloxydian of Rossiya tricked a member of whlightnin's Terceros into joining Rossiya, provoking whlightnin.

JumboG, returning to see NSDAP in ruins, vowed to seek revenge on every faction of worth that fought against adren. Using some of the remaining crymed TNT and weapons of NSDAP, Jumbo began his attack. He sneaked into Jerusalem, but was able to kill none of them. Englavian chased him into the Auchwitz gate, where he barricaded himself before Englavian could kill him. He later bombed the Tower and Farm in the desert crossroads owned by Meikleland, who bought the buildings from the Bankers. He then continued to make more threats before logging off. He was later temporarily banned for crymes and continuing apolitical raiding, and NSDAP was forcibly disbanded with no more active members to continue it and a troubling history of crymes bringing it to its downfall.

The power vacuum left by this is yet to be felt. The large NSDAP embassy was claimed by WBC, with the exception of the front yard which was taken by the Bankers. The WBC continued to fortify the outer walls, and improve Jerusalem's transportation system with new roads and a subway. Bankers continued to flatten the mountain, which by now was 2/3 flattened, and add some decorations and facades to the Riverside district that encompassed roughly 1/3 of the city. The future begins to point toward an economic struggle, based around transfer of goods and utilization of land.

Currently, all of the major factions are allies and cooperating on a large scale. They passionately manage Jerusalem together in economic and military unity. The factions around this time were WBC, Bankers, Meikleland, Rome, Macedonia, Rossiya, NBP, WaffenSS, and Bavaria.

Peace fades, Alliances strain, and old warriors pass.

Soon after, the Nine Nation Alliance became the Eight Nation Alliance. Bavaria disbanded, with their leader joining WBC in an expected merge (Bavaria's members were becoming inactive), and the rest likely to follow. Their embassy and other jerusalem properties were annexed by the WBC and Bavaria officially became a part of WBC as far as formalities were concerned. Their old base, after most was cleared of valuables, became subject to scavenders and unaligned players looking for hidden treasures and raw materials.

It didn't take long for the Eight Nation Alliance to drop further to the Seven Nation Alliance. Milo, the leader of Rossiya, decided he became tired of the server, and without consulting any of his members, decided to quit. He hastily gave his leadership to the only other online member, InkblotMaskMan, who had only joined a day before. InkBlot had previously served under whlightnin in the Terceros, but Milo bribed him into joining Rossiya. InkblotMaskMan originally decided to lead Rossiya to neutrality, but during a battle between Rome, Bankers, and Chaos, he suddenly declared his support to Chaos. He renamed Rossiya to RedChaos and declared enemy to all online factions besides Chaos, and pledged to fund Chaos with all of the resources Rossiya had. This marked the beginning of a war. It is unknown what the members of RedChaos will do; beyond Ink, none of them were or have been online since Milo left.

On the bright side, Riverside was finished, and ready for lots to be sold. The next day, a moderator in RedChaos unclaimed all land and kicked all nonmoderators, to halt Inkblot's nefarious schemes. Later on, the Seven Nation Alliance once more became the Eight Nation Alliance as whlightnin's Terceros claimed part of Riverside for an embassy.

Immigrants arrive, and Battlegod thrives

The server population began to increase, with over 25 players at once becoming commonplace. Smaller factions began to form, and while they did not take part in Jerusalem (At this point, all of riverside had been sold off already and was being developed), they spread out across the map setting up bases.

Battlegod's camp is attacked by Allies.

Battlegod2 (Chaos' leader, before Chaos was turned into DPRK) was beginning to grow bolder. He claimed around ten chunks on the crossroads in front of jerusalem, and began harassing nearby players. Some battles were favorable to the allies (See Operation Uranus Blaster), but most involved the death of Battlegod's enemies. His bunker is surrounded by pitfalls and other deathtraps that claim dozens of lives daily, and thanks to looting and hopper systems, battlegod has amassed an arsenal of weapons and armor. Multiple battles take place every day, with anywhere from three to eight fully armored allies attacking his bunker. So far, he has not been rooted from his strategic location and continues to fire on passerbys.

Embassy Tensions and a Player in Disgrace

On 3/30/2014, onelastorphan, who hated the design of Tercero's embassy, bought 7 pieces of TNT from JohraMormont. Orphan was quite clear about his intentions: he wanted to blow up Terceros' embassy and reclaim the chunk for WBC. Whlightnin, who was inside the embassy, begged and threatened the pair not to blow it up, but they remained steadfast. Whlightnin then asked Dubai for assistance. Ivecoveredwars, aka Comstock, paid battlegod an unknown sum to attack onelastorphan and prevent the pair from attacking the embassy.

Battlegod knocked orphan from the walls of Jerusalem to his death, but an unknown player stole his items, including the TNT. Several minutes later, a large explosion was heard from the Riverside district. When everyone ran to see what happened, they found a large hole in the side of Terceros' embassy. Whlightnin, enraged beyond belief that Johra sold orphan the TNT, enemied Macedonia and chased Johra into Macedonia's embassy, where Johra was killed. Johra then vowed to kill whlightnin. After whlightnin begged for peace and Johra refused, Bendraconis, leader of Macedonia, joined the server.

All sides explained what happened, with orphan attempting to frame battlegod as the griefer. NBP's Maplic acted as a neutral party for the ceasefire. Johra demanded that whlightnin give back the stolen armor, but it had all been taken by Comstock, who refused to return it to the criminal. Johra then started /msging whlightnin threats. Bendraconis, exasperated by Johra, kicked him from the faction. Whlightnin decreed that Johra should be put into exile, with no aid from any faction.

Around this time, Dubai gained an embassy in Jerusalem, bringing the number of nations within Jerusalem back up to nine. A betrayal by OneLastOrphan nearly set the start of a new World War, as he claimed Englavian was his partner in crime, but the danger ended when englavian logged in to cannons pointed at his base, and was able to explain himself and prove himself innocent, resuming the alliance. Multiple factions, tired of Whlightnin's relentless shitposting and douchebaggery, enemied Whlightnin or removed their alliance with him. (Whlightnin note-From my point of view, bgbba framed me as the one who had ordered cannon attacks on Englavian's base, and tricked others into blaming me.)

The Great Happening of 4/15/14

After battlegod2 killed the Meikleland's leader, drjellyjoe, waffle20 nuked the server with 10 withers at the same time, causing the server to crash. After the server came back up, waffle20 attempted to crash it again by making a sand lag machine. After hudson found out about it, he teleported to waffle and destroyed the machine.

Around this time, Englavian converted Bankers into JerusalemRebels, and began attacking Jerusalem in a last ditch efforts to have fun and not be bored on the server. It didn't work, because he was still bored, He ended up quitting and giving away his stuff at spawn. Jerusalem remained heavily damaged. Afterwards, Hudson vowed to obliterate every anti-semitic faction on the server. Waffle20 was just one of the targets, who will be next in the great purge? Donate today to exempt yourself from total destruction!

Later that day, Goonsquad became very angry at whlightnin's complaints about his power abuse and muted whlightnin. It is unknown if he will silence more of those who disagree with his views later. Goonsquad then became so angry he trapped whlightnin inside Enclave's territory and blew him up, while abusing moderator status and giving himself infinite TNT and flight.

The reset of 22/04/2014

The reset occured after hudson called a vote on whether or not to reset the server(which ended up with a majority “yes” vote due to the events on the 15/4/2014). He then installed the Solar apocalypse plugin which burnt the previous map to ashes.

Nuclear age

On June 4, 2014, NSDAP displayed their nuclear weapons capabilities at the public tree farm. The detonation produced a crater with a 20 block diameter, which was preserved as a reminder of their power. NSDAP then launched an attack on Jericho tower, burning its interior out. Many speculate that Hudson secretly installed a nuke mod, but this is unconfirmed.

NSDAP launched a nuclear attack on GoyandProud for their Marxist ideals on June 6, 2014, completely destroying their base.

During this time, the League of Extraordinary Goyim formed from the ashes of Templars/Rome, NBP, and the WBC, incorporating the most competant and active members of the aforementioned factions. The League quickly built an underground base to rival the NSDAP menace which came back strong after the reset. However, bgbba was both a member of the faction and a mod on the server by the alt Goonsquad. Facing increasing pressure, the LoEG became a target and rapidly lost members, dropping to about 10 people from a high of 22. Bgbba himself largely quit after seven months of non-stop /pol/andcraft.

The end of bgbba's career as a moderator went with a bang, starting with coming out of retirement and being demodded by HughBros within about five seconds of returning to the server. By this time, the LoEG was mostly gone, largely absorbed into NSDAP or quit, and bgbba went ballistic on HansJaeger. Months of autism and resentment poured forth as the now demodded bgbba went nuts on just about everybody online. The further decline came when his friend GiovanniVerdura unwittingly told HughBros bg's last name. Hugh doxxed bgbba from this information and gave it to AdrenalineON. The server went absolutely ballistic, howling for blood after months of beating on bgbba for a variety of complaints, real or imagined. Hudson put up a sham poll about whether to re-mod bgbba, but only about twelve people, mostly NSDAP, voted. When a few people, notably Xen0m0rpH objected to this obviously unfair situation, Hudson ignored them and allowed the server to take its course as bgbba's entire reputation on the server largely imploded. AdrenalineON called his house several times and bgbba quit after seeing HughBro's animatronic black figure raping him in the ass in the spawn-house.

The server declined quickly after this, leaving Hudson as the longest serving /pol/andcraft admin of all time, though some hijinks involving Dustycraft occurred during the summer period. The “hijinks” involved whlightnin leading a coalition against NSDAP and the invention of an automatic cobblemonster, but that's a story for another wiki.

New /pol/andcraft (unrealcraft)

Hudson's server died quickly and he pulled the plug. NSDAP was now on the move, a predatory force of ruination, which migrated over to Dusty's server to destroy SPQR. SPQR had largely abstained for the spring shenanigans of Hudson's, returning to play on Dustycraft, but were promptly ruined there too, proving that SPQR really has declined since the old days in 2013 with Jhonson, though he did make a surprise appearance on /pol/andcraft during the twilight days of SPQR on Hudson's in the winter of 2014. >spqr was ruined on dustycrafts. lel, nice try Adren.

This effectively destroyed dustycraft, which was shut down for what may now be the fifth time (Ribs in pieces, Dudsy). Politicraft (AKA Kenney “The Crymelord” Th's server) had also shut down after a combination of NSDAP ddosing it and Kenney cryming for SRHF, so a lot of people were up for grabs. In August of 2014, Unreal created the server, for the first time in over a year uniting the entire /pol/ minecraft community (until that point roughly divided into three groups: /pol/andcraft, Politicraft, North Pol, and Dustycraft at various times). He of course managed to fuck this all up by giving OP to Magnon32 and AdrenalineON. Magnon did, however, recruit a lot of the old Hudson crowd off of skype to return to /pol/andcraft, including the now infamous bgbba who recreated the WBC. For a few days, everything went well, with bgbba going solo and trying to create a union of small factions (along with his friend GiovanniVerdura and Miloxydian). However, this came to a swift end when Adren began cryming and blowing people up while alternately cleaning up Unreal's crymes in NSDAP's end base.

One night, NSDAP raided one of the Politicraft factions, possibly SonsOfOdin or Cascadia, and Unreal took part. Bgbba and company screamed crymes, ITehCheese and Co. quit in response, and the server took a sharp hit to the playerbase, leaving bgbba the only official voice of opposition, while constantly being mocked and threatened by Nignog2000. Doxxing, counterdoxxing, threatened swattings, firings, and assassinations began to take their toll and eventually AdrenalineON decided enough was enough. When confronted with the evidence that bgbba had false-flagged to get Nignog2000 banned, bgbba was banned, firmly cementing his reputation in the shitter if it hadn't been there already.

The server clung to life for a while, but eventually went back down due to SPQR, Saxony, and the LoEG largely boycotting it. The LoEG (what was left, that is) moved to a random Minecraft Civilization server (not to be confused with Civcraft) and Dusty put his shitty lagfest of a server back up when he smelled an opportunity for players.

Dusty's server remained up for a few months, but if one thing is sure, it is that /pol/andcraft never truly dies, it only takes breaks and this was no different.

The Great Return

Unreal decided to put his server back up and Dusty's server died within about twelve hours of /pol/andcraft being back. Dusty banned a shitton of people and sperged out (see: the dustymittens saga) for the umpteenth time. The server started up with two bits of news. The first was the final end of AdrenalineON, who dissappeared without a trace or an alt. This final end was supposedly prompted by drugs and prison for the server's favorite aboriginal. Many claimed that he assaulted his father while high on meth, but nothing is known for sure. Rest in peace, you glorious autist you are with your people now. In place of unreal as admin, Miloxydian was dredged up and placed as the only OP on the map, with Unreal only paying for the server.

The map started with a heavy presence by NSDAP, however it was led by a newfag, UminekoRox and had a number of new people in it, along with Archduke from SPQR and bgbba who surfaced from the depths once again. The faction was quickly destroyed by BhOS (led by JumboG and including the old members of the real NSDAP) and RubyRed. This NSDAP rapidly dissappeared and quit, leaving bgbba mostly alone again and for the rest of the map, lel.

During this time, Rotor resurfaced from the depths of the hell hole si sugi pula Most of the large factions were never raided during that map except Owenstine's Carthage, which caused him to quit and vow to never play on a NSDAP/BHOS server ever again due to his paranoia and conspiracy about 'crymed TNT'. bgbba led a coalition out of the former NSDAP (now called CuraCognosco), SPQR, Carthage, and a reformed NBP with a returned LegoAlchemist. They built a city together, slowly sucking up the members from the rapidly dying LoEG which had also returned. Unfortunately, Meikleland and Macedon were no more, with drjellyjoe and Bendraconis opting out of the server due to 'it's autism', but the server prospered for a time. However, the overly large map, combined with incessant lag and map corruptions and the ever present shadow of stagnation led to a map reset.

Milo's New Server

After Unreal's server died due to bgbba's autism and drama, Hudsoncraft returned with Milo funding it. After about a week of nothing important happening, it became known that Milo was playing on the server under an alt named 'Tyranus'. Lots of nothing happened on this server, but late in the server it was discovered that Hudson Hughburgers left part of a battle arena (with many many diamond blocks) unclaimed (oops), FOG got ahold of them and blamed Milo. Milo quit, and seeing the need for a map reset proceeded to put everyone on Creative and blowing every base of importance. During this time ITehCheese disbanded Tyre in a fit of unbelievable Manchurian madness, and Specever vowed to kill himself.

Hudson's Server (Again)

Eventually Milo bailed as an administrator after a month leaving the map destroyed, so Bladedown and Hudson took place as the administrators. The typical autism continues to this day, (June 14, 2015). This period remains mostly undocumented, someone please add more.

Hudson/Milo's Server

Came into existence sometime in August after Hudson proposed to Milo that they should both host a server together once again, instead of Milo creating another server and splitting off from Hudson's current one. Enjoyed a large amount of popularity due to Milo's efforts in advertisement, reaching almost 40 players on peak hours in September/October. Eventually the server quieted down to the point where it is today, with around 10 active at peak hours, due to administrators being busy normies (you fags can advertise too). Online as of December 2, 2015

Owen's Server

The server was brought back from the dead on the 27th of march, 2016. Factions prepared on a thread on 8chan's /polandcraft/ board, for the much over-hyped arrival of the server that would be run by our favorite drunkard, Owen (who just got off his sober streak as of March 29th). When the server immediately began, a faction led by 0sama_Bin_Laden claimed the name “SPQR” from the notorious warmongering raidfag romans, led by Sgt_Chainsaw. Shortly after the incident, this had incited conflict with the assblasted romans, and many factions banned together to form what was then known as the >HOLY >ROMAN >EMPIRE to defend against the wrath of Sgt_Chainsaw and his goons. The first leader, NJDEFENSE of Politzania, was elected as Emperor, and the HRE's castle fortress was then established atop a snowy mountain, with the collective aid and work of all member factions in the HRE. Of course, NJ decided that he didn't have enough power as Emperor, and actively worked to consolidate more and more authority around himself, and his theocratic regime, to the point that the HRE was less a military and economic alliance and more a centralized pseudo-faction, with NJ nigging everyone in sight out of a fair deal. However, the various memebers of the HRE wouldn't stand for this rampant faggotry much longer, so with 0sama and his SPQR leading the charge, NJ was ousted from power and forced to abdicate the throne. He then threw a bitchfit over the matter, stomping his feet as he demanded that his faction be allowed to leave the HRE, but 0sama would have none of this either. So, after much persuasion (and bloody murders), NJ was forced to disband Politzania, and join under Ricarius' authority as a subject of his Solvadan Empire, the latest and greatest member faction of the HRE. Ricarius and 0sama then worked to write up a new charter for the reformed HRE, now called the Holy Confederacy, and Ricarius was elected to the position of Emperor, now called Archduke, by unanimous decision. The HC then enjoyed an era of peace and prosperity, with Ricarius ruling over all with a gentle fist, confident in their abilities to be ready to face the real SPQR when the need arises. Of course, the contented buildfags did not forsee the threat that was looming over the horizon, waiting to take advantage of their lowered guard…

The Infinite War [April 8th-April 22nd]


Soon after NJ was forced to abdicate, minor conflicts between the HC and other factions (mostly memeraiders funded by NJ) started to arise, mainly because they saw the new leader of the HC (Ricarius of Solvada) was only suited for peacetime rulership, and lacked the experience and dedication needed to act as a formidable military commander. Moles were quickly planted in Solvada and other factions of the HC, ensuring that spies could keep tabs on their activities. As the memeraiders recieved word from their spies about their lacking defenses and inexperienced fighters, they came to realize just how ripe the HC was for the picking, and began their first moves almost immediately.

Battle of Jerusalem [April 8th, 2016]

Rommel101 (not to be confused with the other Rommel), Shyste, Gohlper and friends, all under the faction of Apollonia, but later changed to Vietnam and Vietcong, decided that the freshly built HFKK-Solvadan Peace Library at Jerusalem belonged to them, despite having no part in its construction. Explosions, blood, and cries were seen and heard in the HFKK-Solvadian Peace Library as the battle for the library started to come to a horrendous defeat for the HFKK and Solvada. Minutes later, Apollonia (now split into NSDAP and Normandy) had claimed their library similar to a man taking candy from a newborn. As if that wasn't bad enough, NJDEFENSE then abandoned Solvada in an astonishing display of treachery, establishing a new faction that he called 'Florida', specifically so he could join with the memers and their shenanigans. The HC quickly declared war on all factions involved in the attack, and it was then, on the 8th of April, that one of the greatest wars of /pol/andcraft had begun. Both sides amassed their armies and forged stronger alliances to begin offensives. Tensions, battles, explosions, withers, moles, ragequits and cuckenings started to be an everyday thing for the server. This great conflict would come to be known as 'The Infinite War', with the following factions involved in the conflict:

The Holy Confederacy (later rebranded 'The Imperial Commonwealth of Nations')

  • Holy Solvadan Empire [Leader]
  • Duchy of Comfy Coast
  • Commonwealth Mercantile Authority
  • Sovereign Assembly of Ebola
  • Holy Federated Kingdom of Kalubrota
  • Clan of the Iron Warriors
  • Union of Soviet Bureaucratic Fascists
  • Varangian Guard [Mercenaries]
  • Republic of Zaofu
  • Casualties (MIA's and KIA's): Heavy, with around 50-80 deaths, 3 confirmed ragequits, and 1 Suicide (Ricarius, leader of the ICN and Solvada, killed himself in real life, but not really.)
  • The Memer Axis
  • Normandy [Leader] (Later abandoned and betrayed the Memer Axis)
  • Florida
  • OASIS [Mercenaries, Leader Post-Normandy]
  • Vietnan/Vietcong

Casualties (MIA's and KIA's): Moderate, around 12-23 deaths.

Battle at Comfy Coast (The Normandy Invasion)

Mere days after the Infinite War started, A coordinated assault from the Memer Axis (lead by Normandy) burst on a vassal client of Solvada, Comfy Coast. Forces of OASIS, Florida, and Normandy swept through the lands and created a bloody mess on the raid, while the defenders, the reformed HC which was now known as the Imperial Commonwealth of Nations (mainly Solvada, HFKK, Comfy Coast and Commonwealth, with assistance from the Varangian Guard), fought with all their efforts to try to reduce casualties and defend the still-not-pillaged Comfyian land. Their resistance was futile and shortly broken by the Memer Axis, who later looted and pillaged the rest of the place. Turnglehat, leader of Comfy Coast, was completely buttdevastated after their failed attempt to recover Comfy Coast and the Varangian Guard vowed to have their revenge after such defeat. AZ9, leader of OASIS, on response to their threats, decided to flame the butthurt even more. Sending a warning to his enemies, AZ, unleashed a Wither inside Comfy Coast, making it destroy everything on its path. The ICN quickly moved to kill it, though they had great difficulty in doing so originally, but eventually they succeeded after three long days of battle.

Minor Conflicts and Incidents

Moments after the ComfyCoast Incident, members of the ICN started pointing fingers at one another, with Emperor Ricarius of Solvada already being unjustly blamed as the enablers of the Fall of the HC Castle (known later as the Ho Chin Ming Castle, courtesy of Vietnam) and the memers going nuclear on the ICN main economic hub, Comfy Coast. A small minority of ICN members sought to forge a truce at any cost with the Memer Axis, even if it meant accepting defeat and/or surrendering. However, Ricarius knew that to surrender or admit defeat would change nothing, and the Memer Axis would return to harass and attack the ICN again and again until it and all member states within were totally wiped out. He knew that this was a war of annihilation, and thus he urged the ICN to keep fighting, even if it meant to the death. Meanwhile, some of the weaker-willed ICN members decided to leave and seek refuge in other non-aligned factions, though many and most decided to remain loyal and united under Ricarius as he revealed plans to build a grand new fortified city for the ICN to live in and share as a community. Around the week of April 11th, it was revealed that the ICN had also negotiated a formal alliance with the Varangian Guard, a mercenary group, to help them with the war effort. VG volunteered to hide most of the ICN member states' valuables inside a citadel, behind huge walls claimed by Solvada, and inside a vault claimed by the Varangians. Before the location of the Varangian Citadel was known, Florida and OASIS decided to pillage and wither one of Solvada's outlying castle outposts, though little to no valuable loot was collected from the castle, and thus the operation was considered a pyrrhic victory for the Memer Axis. It was at this point that AZ9 started to suspect that VG was hiding most of ICN's valuables in an unknown place. It was only a matter of time before OASIS found the Varangian Citadel and began planning the soon-to-be final battle with the rest of the Memer Axis.

The Citadel Battle (O-Day) [April 21st, 2016]

OASIS grew tired of the Varangian Guard and saw them as direct competition (as both factions were mercenary groups) and as a threat to their autism. AZ began travelling around the world and found the last hiding place of the ICN, the incomplete and under-construction capital city of Solvada, with the Varangian Citadel contained within its walls. Immediately he planned the raid and called the rest of the memers to arms, this would be the place afterall, that had the tasty treasure for OASIS and company. The Memer Axis was able to find a hole in Solvada's defenses, and therefore no TNT was needed for getting inside the city walls. A VG member, called moore12, was soon assaulted and slain by AZ9, and then forced to open the door for the memers of Florida, NSDAP and OASIS to get in. AZ started to tell moore to destroy the chests filled with sets and swords, and while moore at first complied to his order and betrayed Toxicity (former VG leader), he later started to get rebellious towards the memers. AZ reminded him that if he didnt obey the instructions, he would summon his 'gift' (read: Wither) and let it do the job. Moore apparently either misunderstood the order, or underestimated the memers, as he denied to open any more chests. Moore was quickly slain again by AZ and then set the wither within the citadel, but due to poor placement, it was unable to leave the confines of VG's vault. Moore surrendered and left VG, rage-quitting moments later. Minutes passed and Toxicity finally came online to see the destruction that was wrought. He accidentally made the Wither break more chests before killing it and fought AZ later, only to be ultimately ganked by him. He and Ricarius then vowed to never return to /pol/andcraft, recognizing it as a den of memeraiders with no promise and no spirit for which the server was originally intended. OASIS officially had won the battle and had proven themselves as the superior mercenaries, with the Memer Axis claiming victory in the final war of this incarnation of the server.

Owen's Second Map

So after a whopping three weeks of activity, Owen's first server was reset. Reasons given were… unsatisfying, but whatever. The new world was immediately plagued by such problems as spawning underground/in the air (leading to dozens of incidents of people suffocating in a wall over and over again until they left or Owen/Hugh rescued them), as well as the new Amped landscape, which was… controversial. Some people were understandably upset about the short reset, having only just begun to construct bases or buildfagging, and thus having hours of work wiped away; and some players did not bother to return for a bit after the reset, having trouble getting invested in a world that might be reset again on a whim. But whatever! Time to fuck up another world.

Owen reasoning behind the server reset was flawed and he denies to give any concrete explanation, bringing up only fallacies when confronted, players started bleeding left and right from the server, almost nothing happened on this map and will pass down [along Owenstein] the history of polandcraft as one of the dumbest decisions made by an Admin. The day Owen killed the server with the press of a button. (day be damned since this mentally unstable-drunktard canacuck took adminship of polandcraft)

  • 4-29-16: The faction LeMemeTeam, under suspicion of being /int/craft players, is brought low by a coalition forged between Florida, Oasis, and SPQR. Claudius3 and a_gorillion_joos are killed and their base is lost. As of 5/17/16, the server is still online. More factions will be forged and more factions will be destroyed in the future. The server may sleep, but it may never die.

On the last days of owens server, the population didnt top the 5 players, everyone was still [including the writter of this article] blaming the lazy canacuck, Owen, for the deplorating player base, instead of doing something, Owen decided to defend himself with fallacies, saying that the minecraft community was dead [Definitely False, millions of autistic children play this game everyday] and adopted a defeatist attitude towards the server management. Around mid May, the canacuck decided to shutdown the server. He was lynched for again, fucking up a three four week old map. Owen called quits and dropped adminship, thus concluding the colossal faggot canacuck server chapter.

- South /pol/andcraft [Steven Pinker's server]

On the 23rd of May a new /pol/andcraft server came about with the admin as steven_pinker

The Tale of Volantis and NJDEFENSE: A Ballad of Bitches and Backstabbing

Once upon a time, there was a player by the name of NJDEFENSE. When the world began, he had but one ambition: to build the greatest city in the history of /pol/andcraft: Volantis! He swiftly went about creating the Volantis faction, organizing himself and two officers as “Triarchs” with equal authority, requested Steven_Pinker to create a /warp to the location, and invited players and factions to build embassies.

At first, all seemed to go well. A few players began constructing embassies, creating a small skyline with the crude fortress that served as Volantis's official /f home looming nearby. However, NJDEFENSE made a fatal mistake. Despite a history of chronic backstabbing, he decided to place his trust in Normandy, a faction dedicated to causing grief and woe. This decision was made in the face of numerous skeptics, including TheLordMoccasin, Red King of Bolton and bane of Normandy, and even his own fellow Triarchs. In fact, NJDEFENSE had made the exact same mistake in Owen's first map, leading to a disastrous battle in which he and numerous others were killed. Nevertheless, NJDEEENSE allowed Normandy free reign of the city, and even went so far as to claim they were its unofficial police. Those who expressed concern over this, reasoning that Normandy would attack builders and destroy constructions were they to enter the city, were treated with contempt by NJDEFENSE, and he swiftly eroded any support.

As predicted, Normandy quickly grew beyond control, expressing disdain for NJ as leader of Volantis, mocking his weak attempts at governance, and secretly (more or less) planning the takeover of the city. At the first sign of noncompliance with their wishes, Normandy attacked, slaughtering NJ and his few comrades. Compounding the shame, Normandy insisted that NJ join them, which he promptly did along with half of Volantis's membership, thereby allowing Normandy control of the city with NJ as a non-consequential cog in Normandy's machine. He attempted to compensate with fanatic outbursts of Norman superiority, but this only served to increase the disgust of those who once called him ally.

Volantis, under control of inferior Norman leadership, swiftly fell into ruin. Its few buildings were plundered, left in disrepair. The fortress was split under control of a handful of competing factions; in the streets, baseborn Norman scum prowled, waiting to pounce upon anyone foolish enough to attempt the Warp. Eventually, even that was removed by the amused admin, who officially declared the city a failure. The dream of Volantis had ended in disgrace and squalor, and NJDEFENSE's shame would echo forever after in the history of this server.

The Grace Era

After Normandy's implosion, Normandy died out and KATHARSIS sealed themselves in a dormant state for quite sometime, NJ the server free from their autism, started to prosper and population began to rise, player cities emerge, alliances were forged and the rebirth of peace became imminent. Only minor conflicts happened between these days [usually solved in less than half an hour].

A relative landmark “>tyrone made a fucking video for the server” Someone paid Big Man Tyrone to shoutout /pol/andcraft.

The Saga of World War Jew (or "Why Miscommunication Kills")

And it came to pass, that after some days of peace, Rommel101 returned to the server, and began working toward anarchic destruction and wanton mayhem once more. And Normandy grew once more, and consolidated some members, and prepared for war.

In these days Stalker and AZ99 of Katharsis warred, for Red_Rogue of Stalker had paid insult to AZ99, and he sought satisfaction. So it was that he joined with Ese_Ruey of WoK, and came down on Stalker's base with fire and sword, breaking through its defenses and enslaving its sole defender, Pokeball99. But Normandy saw this, for they too warred with AZ, and they entered Stalker's base and slew AZ and Ese. Then TheLordMoccasin, Red King of Bolton, entered the server, and saw the conflict; and obtaining the coordinates for Stalker's base, he made his way toward it, joining with AZ99 and confronting Rommel101 inside the broken fortress. As they stood in stalemate, UristMcRonin, leader of Stalker, entered the server; and seeing Bolton and Katharsis arrayed against Normandy, he concluded they were in alliance against him.

It came to pass that the forces involved amassed in Northtown, at what was then North Warp. And they were Bolton, Katharsis, CoC, and WoK, and they opposed Normandy and Stalker. And Urist demanded that Walberto of CoC and TheLordMoccasin of Bolton stand down, and declare war upon AZ99. Though Bolton cautioned patience, promising satisfaction as soon as Normandy was dealt with, Urist was adamant; and so it was that the lines were drawn, and the server entered the World War Jew.

Dark were these days. Red_Rogue unleashed two Withers upon the Dreadfort, causing sore damage; but the attack came to naught, and where one Wither was already dead, Bolton slew the other, and gained its Star, and repaired the fort. Northtown was devastated, as Normandy put all its efforts into vandalism and defiling all that was built there. Stalker's broken base became a haunt for combatants eager to slay one another; and so it was abandoned. But in the end, the conflict came to naught. For Normandy, though strong in arms, was weak in mind; and this they knew, that they could never win a war, especially against a grand coalition of Katharsis, and CoC, and WoK, and Bolton. And so Normandy fled, as they ever do, and abandoned their staunch allies who put unfailing trust in them. Thus the war came to a quick end, and left many bewildered at its lack of conclusion.

In the aftermath, an uneasy ceasfire blossomed, then gave way in time to peace. Stalker was diminished by its loss, some members leaving, and Urist started on the road to recovery; but in time it grew once more in strength and riches. In response to the Wither attack, TheLordMoccasin began to expand the Dreadfort, until it grew beyond the clouds and reached the topmost heights. AZ99, disgusted with Normandy's refusal to face honest combat, retired once more into dormancy, awaiting the day when Normandy would, inevitably, slink back to cause trouble once more

Gohlper's Tale

The previous thing was written by TheLordMoccasin who declared war on a non-interventionist political faction (STALKER) out of his sheer hatred of Normandy and according to UristMcRonin joined alongside the apolitical meme raiders destroying his loot. Also according to UristMcRonin he was seen alongside AZ99 scouting the place out for a raid the previous day. (this was said over voice chat during our discussion over the battle we had to confirm what happened)

Shit=Shyste Also Moccasin forgets to mention his receival of a Boston beat down at the hands of me and rommel101 during the first battle, and how Walberto, the Pagan Atheist tried to DIG AWAY when we killed him. It wasn't a stalemate at all, it was a bloody slaughter for the cuck alliance who were force fed clam chowder and were unable to deny a citizen watch. The only success they had was after the fact when me and rommel101 weren't online when they did nothing but kill STALKER members. DeepDishPizza He tries to push that we left UristMcRonin all alone to defend himself against Bolton war mongering but only I left after the battle (the battle in which we took no casualties and killed everyone against us but Ese_Ruey who escaped) because I had things going on outside of Minecraft in my life, rommel101 was there the entire time trying to ensure him the most protection one man could possibly provide against an army of butthurt RPers and buildfags, which was a lot.

“TheLordMoccasin began to expand the Dreadfort, until it grew beyond the clouds and reached the topmost heights. AZ99, disgusted with Normandy's refusal to face honest combat, retired once more into dormancy, awaiting the day when Normandy would, inevitably, slink back to cause trouble once more.” Well as of now we did try and enter honest combat, first by attacking Boltons allies KingdomOfEngland, Moccasin came to defend them but ran away when the smell of clam chowder overwhelmed him after using probably around ten golden apples in a one on one fight with me, with him gone I trapped the leader of KingdomOfEngland, Evil_Cheeze in lava.

After that Moccasin's goal was to try and free Evil_Cheeze which Moccasin succeeded in when we were either afk or offline, but before that I was guarding my fish sluts love den with the desire to fight Moccasin again. He came and went, he set his home on top of it like me but when he saw me he would just pearl away and warp home or disconnect. After that I got tired with him and started just hanging around his base hoping he would come out and try and kill me but I was waiting so long I got bored and stopped hanging around it. I came back to build a Rumpus Machine to try and summon him but he still would not come out when there's a red stone contraption that blasts noteblocks and lags all of his members.

Every time I have ever fought TheLordMoccasin in this war he has either ran away or tried to run away. I wrote this part from my own perspective and that needs to be taken into account when it's being read by those who actually want to know the history of this autistic mess, the same needs to be taken into account when reading things from TheLordMoccasin who intentionally leaves out anything he doesn't like or writes himself into parts of history in which he was barely involved.

Urist's Tale

Me and Moccasin have been in a back and forth between keeping my version and his up on this wiki, because no one even moderates it probably wont be stopped, he claims to have testimony from UristMcRonin but here's his actual version of what happened.

Moccasin likes to roleplay as some righteous king on the server, which is fine until he takes that roleplay outside of the server and onto this wikia where he adds himself to history which he was barely included in or cuts out parts that makes him look unrighteous.


The previous shitstorm has been a source for controversy and disagreement for too long now, so all parties have agreed that there's a thousand sides to every story and to move on in the server and the wiki. This should also be a reminder that arguing on /pol/andcraft can be as pointless as arguing over whose shit stinks less.

Last Page {Epilogue}

On the last week of august SNU [Stalker Normandy Union] vault was nigged by an unknown member On that same week one KATHARSIS vault was nigged by an unknown player Steven_Pinker shutdown the iteration on August 30th, reasoning behind this move, has not yet been revealed by the admin World War I was never finished because of the sudden shutdown, thus there were no victors except Bolton or defeated powers except Normandy. Y.A.F.P.M.R [Yet Another Fucking Premature-Map Reset]

Jwginge's Server






Hudson's New Server

In October 2018 Hudson noticed there wasn't a running server, so he made a new one epicly. It is still running as of August 2019.

Factions/First map (October 2018 - January 2019)

I didn't really put much effort into this one considering I created it in a day after not touching minecraft in around 3 years, so it was pretty shitty. There was still some drama as usual and around 35 players at its peak, so I'll let others write more below. - Hudson

This server was fucking filled with errors and bugs, which resulted in the rise and fall of several factions. Faction perms were fucked and the version used (MassiveFactions?) was shit. Also, Lakiga was able to be invincible because of some epic bug and it served as another example of how the server was fucking broken. The second half of the server's lifespan was not as plagued by bugs as the first. Also it began in September 2018. – Scuti

Citadel/Second Map (January 2019 - May 2019)

This was /pol/andcraft's first usage of Citadel instead of factions, and we discovered it sucks. Took a tremendous amount of work to set up (relative to factions) but most players never really learned how to use it. There was still some drama on this one, those who were involved should add more below. - Hudson

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