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Introduction Krumpey is a builder, redstoner and former faction leader of Schwarzwald, after taking over from the founder Axel_Schweiss. He joined the server some time in July 2019, and rose to attention of the mods after constantly begging for replacement gear after he put it in a shulker box and lost it.

Charitable and sometimes too trusting for his own good, he is active on discord and has been seen on the server as recently as 15/01/2020.

Builds and Creations The Schwarzwald castle was built 400 blocks away from spawn and so was a prime target for niggers to grief (thanks, numried.) Regardless of this, he went on to create several iconic structures, most notably two floating islands which functioned as a mob grinder and a super smelter respectively. Before this, he fully overhauled the main base, expanding into the mountain to create a redstone key operated vault as well as a concentration camp for Jews who he imprisoned and used as enchanted book printing machines, the ruins of which can still be seen today.

Krumpeys final building project

The interior of which reveals a redstone machine (the design of which was ripped off completely)


  • Axel_Schweiss
  • Pyroschild
  • Jamesss
  • cuccubus

The mythical lost elytra In an attempt to shut him up about losing his stuff, cuccserb created a glitched elytra with projectile protection 4 (he was very very drunk at the time) and gifted it to him. However, this was lost to time when Krumpey drowned while building a water coffin. We can only hope that by some miracle it's still out there.

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