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“niger” —Scuti


Scuti is a player who joined /pol/andcraft in September 2015. He has been the owner of the /pol/andcraft Discord server since December 2018, and his reign of terror continues to this day in 2020. He is also a Christchad, which means that he realizes Jesus is the ultimate final gigachad who will dab on Jews by deleting them into the eternal oven

Before /pol/andcraft

Scuti started playing Minecuck in early 2012 and gave into the premium account Jew in 2013, when the redpill process had began with the epic meme HITLER DID NOTHING WRONG 2013, and culminated in mid-2015 when he realized the Holocaust did not fucking happen.

True Hero of /pol/andcraft

Miloserb: Sept. 2015–Mar. 2016

Scuti's first two days on /pol/andcraft consisted of him shitposting in chat while making his base which was near spawn. Because of this shitposting, and probably also the fact his faction was named “wew” instead of something autistic, NSDAP's resident dyke Emeldavi got pissed at him and then sent fetuscake to dab on him. fetuscake almost had TNT'd his way into Scuti's underground base when the latter GTFO with epic /home powers. SPQR would soon join NSDAP in chasing the newfag across the map literally like five fucking times. Scuti managed to survive and never lose his shit even though he sucked at the game and his enemies were professional autists. He also was a part of RAS (later ASSR) for a while until they got dabbed on by SPQR. After this he made a cozy underground base that he has copied multiple times.

Owenserb: Mar. 2016–Apr. 2016

Owenserb was a fucking mistake

cuccserb: Jul. 2017–Apr. 2018

During his first few weeks on the server, Scuti was a part of AZ9's faction OASIS, in whose base he made a fucking elevator and it was epic. Also he constantly complained about how it costed way too fucking many emeralds to claim an enemy faction's land for it to be even worth it to raid anyone. In January 2018 he resumed playing video game and joined bioman3's faction Bavaria, which fucking imploded the next month. On February 2, Scuti epic trolled spawn by exploiting the retarded tree plugin, making trees grow into Safezone. This meme was dubbed the “great tree fucking of spawn” by Scuti and nobody else. Bavaria became Prussia, which later became Germania, basing on top of a large island. This faction was subject to permanent, rampant infighting. Then the Vape War happened.

The intcuck faggots Lemon and XDA1 (and their horde of alts) appeared in the middle of March under the name VapeNation. A raid against them lead by the inept retard epicfaillord completely fucking failed when the raiders came to the realization that nobody had brought TNT, so they proceeded to dance on the Vapecuck base's roof in order to intimidate them. That night, some of the raiders used a Wither to dab on Vape's base while those faggots were offline. This was supposed to set a precedent but fucking nothing happened. The autistic alliance CHAD chased VapeNation across the map like three times and eventually the final battle took place at LordOfTheGoy's residence. The harmless buildfag was being harassed by the autistic faggots Lemon and XDA1, and the forces of CHAD appeared with its goal being to protect the innocent and delete the Vapecucks. The battle was at a stalemate (leaning Vape) when cuccubus dabbed on VapeNation by deleting their alts, allowing Scuti and the other CHAD autists to claim Vape's land and deport them. Scuti quickly GTFO to Vape's base to claim that shit immediately, and he succeeded, but since the war was over and the enemy was gone, the playercount quickly dropped off. Scuti soon retired to Kyushu with Kony2016, and on April 20, the server entered the recycle bin.

Other shit: Apr. 2018–Dec. 3999

soon Scuti is a fren and the true definition of chaotic good-Bacon

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