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Introduction yoink joined the server on May 12th of 2019, and shortly thereafter established the Dongmen faction. He has recruited several inept children, and a few god gamers. He worked with SchwimmelBlitz and xHungryWolfx to establish the Coalition, an allegiance of factions east of spawn that all lived close. He is still active in the discord, but the Dongmen are currently dormant on /pol/andcraft.

Rise to power yoink's rise to power began some time in early June. As his faction accumulated more wealth, Dong Island, yoink's main place of residence, grew in both size and resource production. This gave him the freedom to pursue other projects, such as building a secondary place of residence, Dong Swamp. His faction very quickly due to the sheer number of members. yoink's method of letting almost anyone in was paying off, as it let him to meeting and helping some powerful people, such as Vanhackup and PyrosChild.

Battles Fought In early July, Dongmen had become a very large faction. This in turn attracted a fair share of raiders. The first to do so was numried, after boris was raided. yoink repeated executed Oveja and numried, until falling off of boris himself. numried looted his possessions, and took his god gear including the original Dongblade. Crippled by the loss, yoink gathered the Coalition to do everything in their power to destroy numried, including adding him to Dong Island's KOS (Kill on Sight) list. He was later destroyed by Dongmen with help from Lobber. Although the original Dongblade has never been recovered, more were made and eventually yoink and numried became friends again.

The second and final raid of the Dongmen was on July 27, 2019 when Gentlebud began to continually grief Dong Island, as well as Trebizond Cathedral. Although yoink originally believed it to simply be some oldfag picking a fight out of boredom, it was revealed after the fact (August 7th, 2019) that Gentlebud had been previously aggravated by one of Dongmen's recruits, Sunbear18, who had previously not been involved in much fighting. The Dongmen were almost completely destroyed, and Dong Island was irreparably damaged. After the incident with Sunbear18, as well as other members in the past, yoink removed all members except himself from the Dongmen faction.

Shadow Realm yoink spent a lot of time in the discord's #shadow-realm during late August, due mostly to a growing fascination and friendship with bumble bee. In this time he became increasing sporadic when typing, becoming less and less coherent. This phase was very short lived, however his friendship with bumble bee remains.

Boris Farm After the destruction of the Dongmen, yoink took a month long rage quit hiatus. However his growing friendship with Oveja89 brought him back to the game. He joined Oveja89's faction, boris, and began work on Oveja89's Boris Farm. yoink was frequently likened to Thanos, who retired to a farm in Avenger's Endgame, however he was mostly there as an obligation to Oveja89. This was a precursor to yoink's involvement with /int/craft.

Reckoning Day The Reckoning Day, also known as the Flight of the Bumble Bee, was the day that Oveja89 granted admin status to yoink and bumble bee in /int/craft on September 28th, 2019. “BULLIED PERMA VIRGINS KNOCKING OVER VIRTUAL SAND CASTLES” were bumble bee's words describing the situation. yoink and bumble bee systematically destroyed the integrity of the server, bumble bee spawning lava that the admins couldn't clean up and yoink creating several lag machines with the intent of bullying a player named Ducke. It took several hours for the admins to ban yoink and bumble bee, and to deop Oveja89.

Monkeyzantium This was not the only time Oveja89 would invite him to /int/craft, throughout October yoink participated in the Yugo Wars, in which he was a member of Monkeydonia, later Monkeyzantium. His time on /int/craft helped to mend relations between himself, numried, and Gentlebud, as well as meeting Viriato and iakwai.

Current yoink still posts on the /pol/andcraft discord, and can be found at yoink#5300. He intends to reform the Dongmen in the next iteration of /pol/andcraft, learning from his previous failures and trying to rebuild the charitable image the Dongmen once had.

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