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Fig. 1: Fags burn, God laughs

He is a regular player of recent years and a real based family man, keeping the spic race alive by producing offspring with his qt wife. Retired combat pilot irl, now lives with the bavarian communities in southern Chile.


Oveja first joined in late cuccserb 2017 and established the city of Meccha in some desert shithole. Then he became acquainted with biocuck and eventually CHAD was formed.

Lakiga's reckoning

Eventually biocuck moved his floating piece of dirt1) next to Meccha with the help of crymes and CHAD used it as headquarters. Lakiga at one point killed everyone that was naked inside the meeting room2) causing CHAD to retaliate harshly against him, he didn't stand a chance and his base got shoah'd with lava and trees. He then proceeded to disband his faction and move away to live a peaceful life somewhere, his now abandoned base got nigged further.

Papal niggers power trip and the fall of CHAD

After the Lakiga autism Papal niggers grew in size as Owen invited over all his Canadian friends and eventually it changed in leadership to the warlike Carchuck, he gathered soldiers and took over Meccha, but Oveja vowed revenge, eventually causing him to blow up part of Meccha intentionally as an honorable act of protest against their unlawful occupation. Oveja coupled with other members of CHAD consolidated into Lobber's faction to resist Papal's numerical superiority.

SPQR came back from their slumber to oppose Papal niggers, the war was intense but short. SPQR and Oveja triumphantly took back Meccha and burned all Papal banners and destroyed all crosses; eventually SPQR and Papals went into obscurity as their playerbase died on the aftermath of the war.

Some other autism happened after the war, but Oveja was not around to witness it.

Cptserb 2018

In Cptserb 2018 he established the Inca Empire as a federated state part of USGA. Due to bioman contesting the presidential election results and refusing to cede power to Lobber3), coupled with his general inability to lead, the Inca Empire seceded from USGA as it collapsed. Due to the previous events, Oveja and biocuck developed deep hate for one another and this would be the direct causation of the course of future events.

First Incursion

After Cptserb, Oveja led an incursion into intcuck, establishing the Afghan city of Mosul in another desert shithole with snow alongside Red, Osama, and Colasanti. They brabely fought off japs from their lands while they were being outnumbered and outgunned. He went to the defense of Lobber in Panama and then epic shut down the serb because he was being harassed due to him fucking a man in LA.

Second Incursion

Fig. 2: Oveja and Scuti shortly after being chased off by MTAniggers. After the previous incursion, there was still no working /pol/andcraft serb, so once again he led an incursion, this time into civcuck, still alongside Osama and Red, Scuti also decided to join them. biocuck, Viriato, Lobber, Cpt, and Lakiga eventually joined in. Oveja and Scuti were chased off by MTA niggers due to wrongthink, causing them to wander the ocean for a long time and they eventually arrived to their promised land where they established the proudbois Caliphate with Osama as it's head.

They were chased off once again by commies after Red killed one of them and biocuck betrayed the group by selling out their coords. After wandering once again through lands of the then Chanseatic State, then into unclaimed land where Lakiga sperged off and killed everyone once again, they finally arrived into what they didn't know was Tel Aviv (unironical kikes) territory and lived there quietly for a month, building up and conducting minor raids into the neighbouring cities, vaults, and ruins. Eventually everyone got bored and left, except for Lobber who stayed but he got banned because he shared leaked pictures of bbga and his niggress ex gf.

Third Incursion

Sometime after the Second Incursion, Oveja came across an advertisement for a new intcuck iteration, this time with tanks and modern guns which led him to lead a very successfull incursion into late 2018 intcuck. Alongside Viriato, Red, Lobber, and Osama, he established the Finnish city of Helsinki and mass recruited newfags to establish colonies in the baltic, strategy that he would use once again in the future. Finland quickly rose to power and prominence in regional affairs due to his magnificent leadership.

Under his guide, Finland participated in the Novorussian intervention in Kiev. The sheer power that Finland managed to employ opened their eyes to the possibilities. Finland became a shining beacon of freedom for oppressed newfags and peoples, with them successfully protecting Galician buildfag independence, so many newfags flocked to join Finland. One newfag settled in Tallinn and declared his independence and his Alaskan bulls moved significant niggers and guns into the city to ensure this independence, but Oveja would not bow to this clear violation of sovereignty of Finnish affairs and so began shelling the city of Tallinn early in the day. This signaled the start of the Alaskan-Finnish war.

Alaskan-Finnish War

Both sides shelled one another for a whole day and conducted limited operations into the territory of the other, eventually a third side jumped in as the furfag memeraiders alongside the vapeniggers decided that it was a good time to see some action. Hostilities finalized the following day with the surrender of Tallinn and the victorious proclamation of Finnish unity against foreign aggressors.

Biocuck, once more.

In one particular occasion, biocuck had asked Oveja to help him test his defenses, but he was so pathetically weak that he was accidently overthrown by a handful of well placed MGs.

Serb dies

Oveja then funneled resources, weapons, and funds towards the oppressed Palestinian peoples with big success, as they seized their opportunity to strike against their Judeo-Massonic masters and proclaim their independence.

Finally Finland allied with Alaska against furfags and degenerates serbwide and conducted a joint invasion of the furfag-tranny state of Canada that ended with the coallition victory. Eventually the serb died due to inactivity.

Hudserb 2018

Eventually Hudserb of very late 2018 was established and he jumped in, but it was for the most part null of happenings with some hostilities between Oveja and the NSDAP which caused him to move right next to them in the spawncity. Alltogether this iteration was devoid of happenings and it eventually died of inactivity, going out with a based ending where the spawncity got shoah'd.

Early 2019 Hudserb

The Kingdom of Ovechads

Fig. 2: Ovechads at its peak. Another Hudserb was established in early 2019. He moved in across from the river where Lobber, Scuti, and Zeon had established themselves. In the mountain he proclaimed Mount Chad he started building the capital of his kingdom, the Kingdom of Ovechads. He decided to once again employ mass newfag recruiting tactics due to the serb allowing it to be done relatively safe due to the standing citadel usage and not gay factions.

Ovechads grew to be the most populous nation in the serb with most players connected belonging to it. But with this came consequences, as Oveja began to see the true, terrible reality of newfags and how selfish and kike-like they really are.

Night of the Long Knives

Fig. 2: The Night of the Long Knives. With time the patience of Oveja began to reach critical points, as one particular newfag called Joseph666Stalin4), which Oveja had appointed to an administrative position was constantly sperging out due to Lakiga dabbing on him. Oveja had constantly advised him to chill and keep working, but he did not listen and eventually killed Lakiga while he was working hard at his project. Oveja then declared him KOS and he got shoah'd, but the fag took over the vault and moved all shit away to locations unknown. Oveja had had it, coupled with newfags stealing or missplacing shit, not listening to orders, not working or outright being shills/agents to memeraiders, he reached boiling point. He declared the Ovechads Kingdom to be no more and so began the Night of the Long Knives where Oveja and Lakiga, joined by Lobber, Scuti, and Zeon, went around the city burning everything and killing every single newfag, except for 2 which had been declared as good boys by Oveja. And so the man that once loved newfags became their most avid hater.

Oveja then left for faraway lands, eventually reaching world border and settling there. It was around this time that he discovered the ultimate power of duping.

Ultimate Duping Power Trip Arc

Fig. 2: Hitler Island around May 2019 It took Oveja around a week to build up, but once he got the hang of duping he quickly outproduced everyone in the serb secretly, sometimes he even duped while hudkike or cuccubus were visiting without them realizing.

It didn't take long for conflict to arise as Oveja demanded End access from the Empire, only to be greeted by the sword of Scuti and the arrows of Zeon. He put up a fight for some minutes, but eventually he got chased off and killed by Scuti while he tried to /f home.

Oveja saw the flaws in his strategy and began mass-producing godsets and potions. He was given a god apple by Lakiga who knew that he was duping. Shortly after, Oveja had duped entire chests full of shulkers filled with god apples.

He began exporting shit to Lakiga and Hitler Island, planning to topple the Empire, take over Hitler Island, and expel all memeraiders.

Scuti finds out

A few days after Scuti had killed Oveja, he was back at the castle of the Empire to memeraid. With one of his mass-produced Elytras, he began circling around the castle eventually having Scuti go to the roof to fire arrows at him. His FPS dropped down to 0 and his game crashed, Scuti killed him during this and found the 2 stacks of god apples he was carrying.

The Massacre of Hitler Island

He keeps on supplying shit to Hitler Island incognito, but eventually Scuti pops in and finds Oveja. Urging Oveja to renounce the dark side and stop duping. Oveja utters: “You underestimate my power.” and a battle begins. This time, Oveja had come prepared with god gear, potions, god apples, and several stacks of mob eggs. He fully expected bacon to come to his aid as he was supplying him with massive ammounts of duped shit and were fighting right there on his lands, but the help did not come. Managing to get Scuti to eventually flee, Oveja turns his anger towards Hitler Island and begins massacring every newfag he found wandering around it.

Scuti and Zeon came back and fought Oveja for a while and he decided to retreat for the day.

Second Battle of Hitler Island

Fig. 2: Oveja and Scuti about to face off on the fields of Hitler Island. For the next week, Oveja would sporadically memeraid and grief Hitler Island as a means of revenge against the inaction of their leadership. Lobber and Scuti ambushed him there eventually and another battle ensued. Oveja managed to kill Lobber and almost kill Scuti as his armor wore down, this was not a problem for Oveja as he had duped several stacks of xp bottles to mend all his shit. It seemed as though he had become and unstoppable force and it was a matter of time for him to strike directly and decisively at the heart of the Empire.

Hudkike intervenes

With Oveja being on the loose and it being undeniable by this point that he was duping shit, Hudkike decides to finally intervene. While Oveja slept, Hudkike got to work. He leaked Oveja's base coordinates and together with Scuti, Lobber, and Zeon rekt his entire place. Oveja had planned for this eventuality and had stashed some gear in different locations. He still had an inventory and could put up a fight if it were needed.

Fuhrer Oveja

One more time, Oveja visited Hitler Island. But not to memeraid like he had been doing, he was there to take over. Several of the newfags from ovechads had fled to Hitler Island after the Night of the Long Knives and had settled there. iakwai was on good terms with Oveja and they agreed on the need of a strong leader figure to rule the newfags with an iron fist and decided to support Oveja and recognize him as the Fuhrer. Oveja went to every newfag in Hitler Island to get a personal vow of loyalty and support, those who refused were slain on the spot. In an afternoon, Oveja was effectively the indisputed head of Hitler Island.

Third Battle of Hitler Island

Fig. 2: Hitler Island after the Battle and the subsequent nigging by Lakiga. As expected, Scuti and Lobber immediately invaded Hitler Island and it was up to Oveja to defend the Reich. The fight ensued for an entire day, Oveja being on the winning side at the start, but attrition began taking its toll as the day wore on without him having access to endless supplies anymore. He went all out on the attackers, using everything he had on his inventory and stashes to beat them, but they kept on coming back. Eventually it was only Scuti and Oveja fighting, the plantation had taken heavy damages and Oveja had run out of xp bottles to mend his armor. Not long after, his armor finally broke and the fight was over with Scuti as the victor.

Mid-2019 Hudserb

Snackbars 2

Within the first week of the new factions serb, Oveja coordinated with Converse to reestablish the faction of Snackbars. On their journey, they had found the unprotected base of ItalianSauce and nigged him off all his valuables but were immediately chased off by him in iron armor. Italian would constantly ask about the location of Snackbars and claiming that he would shoah them. After managing to find a based desert to settle in, they began building a base there.

Scuti then joined Snackbars and began doing shit around the base.

Bugs and duping

Oveja set off to remaking Meccha and turning it into a player city. He invited lobber, Zeon, biocuck, Viriato, and thunderfunked over to build. While it initially began to kick off, people rarely logged and Oveja began fucking around with the plugins that Hudkike had installed. He immediately found that the CE plugin was incomplete and allowed him to dupe items. He stashed a lot of shit and eventually fucked off.

trashcity and boris

Fig. 2: trashcity initial stages of construction After about 2 months of inactivity, Oveja resurfaced after shitposting for a while in discuck with Hugh. He logged in to shitpost and began pillaring up next of spawn. He used all the trash he had on him and placed it around randomly, then ask for more trash to others. Some people donated trash, including yoink, pyroschild, vanhackup, lobber, and so on. Hugh grymed some random shit too.

An idea began taking shape, as Oveja didn't want to dedicate actual effort and time to the game and just shitpost. He set up a spot for people to donate trash and he built off the things that people randomly donated. The ammount of people that donated to the project was greater than expected and the trash building quickly began expanding, so Oveja recruited help from some old acquaintances. Initially, numried and iakwai joined up with Oveja and enjoyed shitbuilding, it was a comfy experience and everyone involved had fun. As construction of the trash building couldn't be sustained in height anymore due to reaching height limit, Oveja began expansion to the sides, making plots and selling them to other factions in exchange of trash imports. Oveja's faction was de facto nameless, as the name was changed around randomly every day. Fig. 2: Trashcity at the end of June 2019


Fourth Incursion

The Former Yugoslav Republic of Monkeydonia


1) Which he liked to call a city.
2) Oveja included.
3) biocuck has contested some of the claims of this article and has had several meltdowns on discord over it.
4) turns out he is a civcuck sperg who also frequents intcuck
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