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Introduction The Dongmen were founded on May 12th, 2019 by yoink. The peak amount of members was 11, and the current amount of members is two. Although the faction is dormant, the two most notable and only remaining players, yoink and PyrosChild, as well as allied former member Vanhackup, are still active on discord.

History Dong island was finished within 3 days of inception, and yoink began work on a second, more secretive secondary base called Dong Swamp. yoink adapted a policy that he would accept nearly anyone who asked to be admitted to the Dongmen, and the number of members quickly expanded. Some of the more notable players were from the early days of this policy, such as PyrosChild and Sunbear18. The Dongmen were attacked by parties over the span of the summer of 2019. These two parties are both currently allied to the Dongmen however, and have been removed from their KOS (Kill on Sight) list.

Raids The first raid was perpetrated by numried, after boris was raided by yoink, Hugh, and bioman3. This was spurred by the repeated execution of both Oveja and numried. numried retaliated with gear stolen from yoink after a fall, and did damage to Dong Island as well as killing several new members.

The second and final raid of the Dongmen was perpetrated by Gentlebud on July 27. He continually griefed Dong Island, as well as destroying the neighboring Trebizond Cathedral. This fight, although catalyzed by yoink, was actually the result of a member, Sunbear18, aggravating and shit-talking Gentlebud. This raid was also spurred on by cuccubus, who was generally unhelpful during the ordeal.

Fall After the second raid by Gentlebud, the Dongmen practically collapse. Their base was destroyed, and after hearing about what “Sunny” Sunbear18 did yoink kicked all members except himself and PyrosChild. Pyro left in good graces to join an ally, Switzerland, and yoink joined up with Oveja to create Boris Farm.

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