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“The greatest player in polandcraft history” -The original version of this article in its entirety, presumably written by Adam himself.

Adam Kramer otherwise known as akramer89 or dougmods is a man who requires no introduction He is by far the servers most well known player and go-to lolcow with his image and mannerisms being so well known that some would go so far as to consider him the servers mascot

Quick rundown

Adam is a strange, sad, gay man who has been well known and well documented to on at least one occasion have had sex with


His history on the server itself has consisted mostly of bitching, crying, making shitty factions that fail even more consistently than biomans and starting new fights with people for absolutely no reason

He is well known to become unreasonably angry with almost anyone whose name he can remember for at one point memeing about him and his two black lovers as nearly every user on the server has at least once

For most of the servers history Adam has been nearly universally hated by most of the playerbase to the extent of even being doxxed a few times (though with the deletion of 8chan and by extension the /pol/andcraft board this information is now lost)

Adam was mostly absent for what could be considered “modern /pol/andcraft” from 2017-2020 usually joining, fucking around for a while, getting meme'd on, crying, and then leaving again


For reasons that have since been forgotten to history during cuccserb in 2018 Scuti would start the religion of kramerism, this would quickly usurp toothbartism to become the new state religion of the then strongest faction on the server, Germania

The religion would quickly become the largest on the server and would have two main temples, a small chapel on gayboi island (Germanias main base) and the other Notre meme (A scale replica of notre dame built by the player kony2016)

Later on in a strange twist of fate adam would rejoin the server and someone suggested he be made moderator and be given operator privileges

Cuccubus decided that this would be a good meme and gave adam creative mode and /op

Defying expectations, adam was actually a pretty good moderator and didn't abuse his powers instead just kind of hanging out and visiting players around the server


Redemption arc

After cuccserb adam would again fade into irrelevance and random inconsistent visits to the server as cptserb came and went and the many hudserbs passing by and progressively sucking more life force out of the community as a whole

In 2019 the last hudserb shut down and polandcraft entered the frenserb era where the servers population decreased drastically and actual servers shifted from being open factions servers to whitelist-only modded servers

it was here that Adam would make another appearance, again defying expectations and breaking the entire natural order of the server up to this point Adam unironically became a fren and played on the servers regularly alongside the dozen or so regulars the server still had

Rather this turn of events is considered the darkest timeline or the servers good ending as old rivalries fade away and the server turns into some kind of utopian afterlife-like hugbox made up exclusively of oldfags the fact of the matter is that Adam is, for better or for worse, here to stay and barring some kind of huge revival of /pol/ culture and a non-cancer source to draw newfags from this new style of /pol/andcraft isn't going anywhere any time soon either

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